lördag 26 september 2009

A little chest of drawers

This is the second item I'm going to show you from my first DT kit from Scraplagret. I've altered this little chest with a gorgeous blue paper from G45 Renaissance Faire. I've always been a sucker for blue.
It's a fairly simple project - the chest was already white, so I just glued the paper on, and sanded the edges a little, and then I decorated a couple of bobbinettes and arranged them on top with a tag and a couple of flowers. Easy peasy, and my DD made me promise to make one for her too, because she fell madly in love with this one...

Speaking of my DD, she put a little bead up her nose today, so I've spent the entire afternoon driving back and forth between here and the two hospitals in our region. At first I went to Karlshamn, just to find out that they didn't have an ENT doctor on duty, it is, after all, Saturday. Then I had to drive to Karlskrona where they had one, and when we finally got her nose examined thoroughly, the bead was nowhere to be seen. It's like in Madicken, only my DD wasn't in a fight where it could have flown out. The doctor guessed that it might have gone down her throat, and in that case she has swallowed it. Anyway, I'm really proud of my little one, because she was such a good girl and endured having a multitude of gadgets shoved up her nose without complaining. Of course, everyone treated her like a princess, so she was perfectly happy all the time.

Some days are just like that... I hope you had a better one than I did :)


tisdag 22 september 2009

My very first layout for Scraplagret

You cannot imagine the divine goodness of my first DT-kit from Scraplagret! It was packed with Graphic 45 Renaissance Faire papers, and well-matched embellishments. Even for me, who loves to layer a lot and embellish a lot, there was more than enough.

Here's the first layout I've made from the kit. It's about our most beautiful work of art, our daughter, who is just as good as any Mona Lisa. The journaling reads: "Roll over Mona Lisa. The most beautiful work of art in our collection is this sweet little girl. She does the most spectacular frame justice, and her sweet smile beats yours any time."
Did you catch how I altered the Mona Lisa? Here's a closeup for you... LOL couldn't help myself.

tisdag 15 september 2009

My fall book

How many of you can seriously say that you like fall? Oh, yes, it is lovely with the cool, crisp (I love that word, crisp) air, and the colors of the leaves and harvest time and all that. Yes, that part is nice. But it's getting darker... and darker... and darker. Here, where I live, we rarely get snow, so late fall and winter is all about darkness. Dreary dark days when the sun hardly manages to break through the clouds, ice cold rain, and mud everywhere. No, seriously, I hate fall, and I hate the snowless winter here.

So, what do you do then to stay sane during this time? Yes, you focus on the good things! And I have plenty to look forward to. School holidays in October (and we get three days off, YAY, scrappy time), Ladies Night in November, you Swedish girls know what that's all about, and then we are hosting a crop here in itty-bitty Bräkne-Hoby also in November.

And then there are all the fun activities you can do with the family as well, and all the good food you can make with the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables now. So I've made this little album from a Zutter Cover-All and Amber Road papers, to document the funny things we do in fall, and to write down the recipes we try this year. Hopefully this will make fall a little funnier.

I have rubbed in Distress Ink Black Soot all over the Cover-All, which was brown from the beginning.
I have used Chipboard covers, covered in PP, and black inner pages for photos and cut out recipes and stuff, plus I have added some note book pages to write down my own recipes and notes.
Come to think of it, there's a lot to look forward to this fall. Yes, it will probably be a great one this year.

söndag 13 september 2009

I ♥ Amber Road! *photo heavy*

The September kit from the Nook was packed with sheer beauty. It contains the Pink Paislee Amber Road collection, and loads of other stuff. I got quite a few of the add-ons as well, plus the Pink Paislee Twilight mini kit, so my box was full to the brim of goodies this month. As soon as I have used up the last few scraps of the Amber Road papers (and believe me, there isn't much left of them) I'm going to try getting into some sort of Halloween mood. But I'm still deep into the season of harvest.

I made this fall banner, after being inspired by one that Lynn, one of the Nook DT members, made from this kit. The colours are great, aren't they? I used my Bind-It-All and antique silver wires to attach it to the ribbon.
You can't but love these Pink Paislee glitter chipboard letters. So so gorgeous.

And look at these pins... ♥
And harvest time it is... Our apple trees are so full of fruit. I haven't got a clue what to do with them all. Oh, well, yes, I have a clue or two, but none of them involves actually taking care of all the apples and make something out of them. Anyway, I'm really happy to see that our Ingrid Marie tree has recovered from our first time pruning ages ago. You know, happy amateurs, thinking let's cut down this branch and that branch so we can pass easier with the lawn mower... Poor tree, it has taken many many years for it to bear fruit again, but this year it's absolutely loaded, which is a blessing since we had to take down our other Ingrid Marie a couple of years ago. So this layout is about what my DS and I were doing yesterday. Picking apples! YAY!
Then there's this layout... absolutely hilarious, about my DD who found an itty bitty toilet last time we went to IKEA. She had to try it, of course, and I had to scrap it, of course. LOL. The sketch is from Karlssons Scrapperi
My DD again, and her Angy Face. Doesn't she look dangerous? She does that a lot, but she is a really happy and cheerful little girl, only you can't see it behind that face :) I made this one after a sketch at Pappersbiten.
So, I'm off to another evening with my Amber Road scraps. There might be enough left for one more layout and a couple of cards. Have a great Sunday evening!

tisdag 8 september 2009

For ever

No, I'm not out of Webster's just yet. I only have a few scraps left from the Postcards from Paris line after I made this layout. There's plenty left from Nature's Storybook, though.

This layout is inspired by a sketch I found at Ljuva Änglar's blog. This photo was the result of a less fortunate photoshoot this summer. Not one single photo turned out right, but this is kind of fun anyway, because it shows the esscense of my little crazy girlie, always up for a laugh and always goofing around. You just can't help loving her.
And a little detail:
That's all for today. Now I'm going to go back into my frustrated waiting for things that never seem to turn up. No, I haven't got the package from Graphic 45, which I am supposed to guest design for this month, and no, I haven't got the Nook kit, which I hoped would be here today, and no, I cannot track down any of them since I don't have a tracking number for one of them, and the tracking number I have for the other one doesn't work. Arrrggggh! Either both packages are stuck in customs, or there is a postman or postwoman out there somewhere having a blast with my goodies! Oh well, there's always tomorrow... Let's just hope at least something will turn up then.

söndag 6 september 2009

On wheels.

My boy has been struggling a lot trying to master the art of riding a bike. It hasn't come easy for him, but most likely that has to do with self-confidence, or rather lack of it. He has been afraid of letting go, afraid that he would fall. But then one day, he did it, just like that. Like they always do. I used a fabulous sketch from Scraphörnan, and some fabulous October Afternoon papers, so great for boy pages.
More October Afternoon! Here is my boy sitting on the platform of his own delivery trike. Yes it is his, and he is immensely proud of it. Of course he is way too young to drive it, but he takes a little ride with daddy once in a while. This sketch is from Scraphuset.
Yet another October Afternoon page. I haven't used any sketch for this one (unbeliavable, huh?) The photos are all from beautiful Österlen where I was the other week with my colleagues from work. We had such a wonderful day there, and there were plenty of photo opportunities.
So now I am almost out of October Afternoon papers, which the last Nook kit was packed with. I might have enough for one or two more layouts, if I use a lot of cardstock on them. It's a good thing the September kit is on it's way, packed with Pink Paislee goodies :)
That's all for now. It's Sunday night, the kids are in bed, everything is ready for tomorrow, and I'm dead tired. I'm just going to surf the web for a little while, and then go to sleep... finally.
Take care

Webster's Pages rock!

Remember I won the Nature's Storybook papers from Webster's? I also managed to get hold of the Postcards from Paris papers. Yes, I did order them from EXPENSIVE Panduro, but hey, I was ordering some other things as well, and then these papers just happened to come along too... Both lines arrived the same day, and at first I was really heistant about cutting into them. I didn't want to ruin all the prettiness. When I eventually found the courage to start cutting, I couldn't stop. They are fabulous, so much fun to work with, and I love how every one of these layouts turned out.

First, Postcards from Paris. So girly, so vintage, so lovely for photos of my little princess. I made this layout after a sketch I found at Grodan's blog. A precious photo of my girl on her way to a birthday party. It's not often I can get her to pose like this nowadays.
Here are two precious girls - my girlie and my sister. Here I used a sketch from Hobbyhuset.
Nature's Storybook... Just look at the colours, so soft and beautiful. And with photos of my gorgeous boy. Here I used a sketch from Scrap-Atleljen (Yes, I surfed the internet for pretty sketches, and I found plenty! It seems like every store in Sweden has a sketch challenge this month)
Another sketch, this one from Nettans Scrapbooking4You
My boy just started school, something he has been looking froward to for a long time. And he really loves it! He is in the preschool class, and the other day he told us the purpose of preschool class. It's not about learning how to read, it's not about mathematics, it's not about homework. "Preschool is for teaching us to sit still", he said.
And, considering the wriggliness of this little boy, that is not an easy task :)
I have more Websters on my scraptable. I just can't let go of those papers! So I guess I'll be back with more in a while.
Have a nice Sunday, blog readers, and a little hello to say you were here is always welcome, you know. I see that there has been a lot of people checking in, but not a single comment... weird... ;)

lördag 5 september 2009

It's September!

It's already September! I can't believe how time flies. Somehow it seems as if those long lazy summer holiday days never really existed, but in my imagination. It's a good thing I have all my photos to prove it really happened.

But September isn't all bad. I have really enjoyed getting back to work and setting up the everyday routines again. Once again I am reminded why I chose to become a teacher. It must be the greatest job in the world. It has it ups and downs, of course, as any other job, but the kids I teach make it all worthwhile.

September is the month when we finally can say goodbye to those awful mosquitos and midges we have had flying around here all summer. It turns out I've developed some sort of hypersensitivity to those little buggers all of a sudden. They have never bothered me much before, oh well, they have bitten me awfully much, always, but I have never before reacted to those bites the way I do now. Twice in less than a week, my right arm has swollen from midge bites. This morning I was in so much pain from a bite just below my elbow. The swelling has started to settle down now, but it still hurts.

Another reason why I like September, and always have, is that my birthday is in this month. It's tomorrow, no, wait, it's actually past midnight here, so Happy Birthday to me! I wonder if I'm getting a news-paper wrapped present tomorrow...

Speaking of presents, I made this wall hanging for a very sweet littel girl I know. I had my hopes up to get it ready for her birtday, but I didn't make it, so she will be getting it the next time I see her. I have used some 4" Zutter Clipboard Wood covers for this, and bound them with my dear Bind-It-All. And since this little girlie is into everything pink and romantic, pink and romantic is what she gets. The papers are from the Graphic 45 line Baby to Bride, and the flowers are from Prima most of them.

September is also the month I'm guest designing for Graphic 45, but unfortunately, the goodies I'm supposed to work with haven't reached this distant part of the world just yet. I was counting on them to show up here some time this week, so I have been hurrying home to the mailbox every day, but nothing has shown up yet. Oh well, it's just another thing to look forward to this month.
And there is one more thing that makes me happy it's finally September. This month's kit from The Nook is the most fantastic kit yet. It just has to be. And it's on its way here right now!
Oh, and I hope September will allow me to update my blog more often than August did. I have loads of stuff to show you, it's just a matter of finding the time to blog it.
Anyway, happy September, dear blog readers. Get out there in the cool, crisp air and watch the leaves changing colours. Have a great weekend, all of you.