måndag 6 september 2010

The difference of paint.

We are slowly making progress on the farm. The barn and outhoses are really run down and worn, but the good thing about that is that every little improvement you make looks HUGE. Like this one. Take the garage, add some paint and voila, it looks completely different!

And then you will have to imagine what it will look like once the barge board on top turns white. Huge difference, huh?

Here's another wall that needs painting... But that will be a later project. I just have to show you the cute old chair P found beneath tons of old dusty straw on the hayloft. There was one more, unfortunatly too rickety to use. It might not be very wise to sit on this one either, but at least it's good for holding a flower pot. And there might just be a table to go with it, tucked away in one of the sheds, but that shed is very much inhabited by mice, so I have no intention to go in there and check... ugh. I'll be back soon with some scrappy projects, promise :)