söndag 23 augusti 2009


Finally, I have taken time to edit and upload pics of a few layouts I've been making. Does anybody remember these old papers? Bo Bunny Heart Throb... I bought these about 3 years ago, when I had just discovered scrapbooking. Well, I didn't buy them at first, I managed to win a few of them and then I bought a whole lot more. I loved them back then, and even though I've cleared out my paper stash and sold and given papers away more than once, I haven't been able to part with these. So then I sat here, with absolutely nothing to do, no new papers, nothing inspiring at all to work with. Some of the girls at the Nook challenged me to use some of the old stuff, and this is what I dug out. And I had a blast!
And while I'm anxiously awaiting the new papers from Graphic 45, I'm using some of the very old ones as well. I managed to get this photo of Albin last weekend, and I love it so much. It's so him, so sweet and adorable. And those big blue eyes of his. It's so funny, he's such a curious little boy, interested in learning and he wants to know everything about everything. When he was a newborn, the nurses at the hospital went on and on about his big, wide open, curious eyes, and the fact that he slept very little. Already then, he didn't want to miss out on anything around him, as curious then as now. And he is getting so big, a school boy already.
This is also a photo I love - Albin and his dad walking on a dirt road together. It's from our vacation. We were heading out into the woods, looking for blueberries. And we found lots of them, more than enough to bake a really yummy blueberry cake. Oh, and I have to give credit to P for the second photo on this layout. He took care of the camera for me while I was picking berries, and even though he claims to be totally ignorant of these things, occasionally he takes a great picture or two I love how he captured the sun shinig down through the trees. It is a bit dark here though.
That's all for today, dear blog readers.
Have a great Sunday!

fredag 21 augusti 2009

The call is out for a new Bind-It-All design team!

Yes, the term for the original design team is running out, and it's time for a new bunch of designers to carry on with the binding. If you are the least bit interested in being on this design team, APPLY for heaven's sake. You do not want to miss out on this. This is the best design team to be on, believe me.

When I applied for the Bind-It-All design team about a year ago, I had no experience at all of international design teams, and I did not know what to expect. What I got was nine wonderful friends from all over the world, and more inspiration and appreciation than I could dream of. It has been an experience of a lifetime. Although I am a bit sad that this year has gone by so fast, I am awfully proud to have been on the very first Bind-It-All design team, and I am thankful for the experience it has given me.

So take the plunge, ladies. Apply! Read more about it on the Bind-It-All blog.

Happy Friday night, all of you.

tisdag 18 augusti 2009

Now I finally can tell...

About a month ago, I got an E-mail from Emma, the owner of the store Scraplagret. She offered me a spot on her on her new design team, and she even tempted me with the fact that she's bringing in everything from Graphic 45. And who am I to resist that? I accepted, gladly, and now I'm so looking forward to getting my first DT kit and to work with Emma and the other fantastic girls in the design team, Marie and Camilla.

Thank you so much, Emma, for having me on the team!

söndag 16 augusti 2009

More october afternoon

I started working after the summer holidays this week, and wowzers, things are going to be different this scoolyear, that's for sure. I keep telling myself that change is good, and that there's nothing I can't do, and if I keep telling myself that I'll be fine, come what may... Or so I hope.

Anyway, I'm still lingering on my vacation photos, and the gorgeous October Afternoon papers are so perfect for them! The first layout is about Anna's house, where we stayed. Can you imagine that we had this huge and absolutely gorgeous house all to ourselves for one week? It was absolutely fabulous, and I do hope we get to go there again some day.
We found this lovely place - a nostalgia village where someone built up a little village the way it might have looked back in the 50's or 60's. It was this fab garage, and inside they had a tiny cinema the way it might have looked back there. Too funny, the chairs in that cinema were exactly like the ones we have in the assembly hall in my school! Yeah, they are old but they are quite comfortable.

I just had to take a photo of A by the gas pumps, because this garage reminds me a little of the one I made of paper for him awhile back. You can find it here, on my old blog, if you want to see for yourself.
That's all for now! I have to start preparing for another busy week at work. Have a great Sunday evening all of you.

söndag 9 augusti 2009

The Nook kit arrived...

...and it's absolutely perfect for vacation layouts. The only thing not perfekt about it is that none of the add-ons I ordered were there, but I'm confident that the people at the Nook are doing their best to locate the wereabouts of my goodies and make sure I get them. In the meantime, I'm scrapping with what I have, and that's plenty of stuff indeed.

First a few pictures from our roadtrip. Albin helped me choosing papers for this one. He has quite good taste, hasn't he?
This layout is from our first longer stop on the road, Vadstena with a really impressive castle. Yeah, I have a thing for castles. I'm so impressed that people were able to build these huge, massive buildings way back in time. Just for the fun of it, I made the layout in the shape of a stop sign.
That's all layouts I have to show you for now. The kids and I are preparing and slowly getting used to the idea of the summer holiday drawing near its end. A bit sad, but there are tons of fun coming our way this autumn, so we're fine with it :) And I still have plenty of summer photos to scrap.

fredag 7 augusti 2009

My tidy room.

I've made a major reoragnization of my room these last couple of days. And now I'm done. It's tiny and it's crammed but it's mine and I love it. I wouldn't mind a bigger room though, but there's just no more space in our house.

My desk with some work in progress. You see, some of the girls at the Nook MB challenged me to use some of my old stuff while I'm anxiously waiting for some new stuff to drop by. So I dug out the oldest stuff I had. I usually get rid of old stuff when I realize I won't be able to use it, but I've hoarded some Bo Bunny papers for years, and now it was finally time to use them. It's funny to see how differently the outcome is with these papers now, compared with what I made from them back then :)
Here are my albums and a pile of layouts that need to be put in albums. You think that's many? Well, I have two more piles this size... But they are on a shelf you do not get to see, the shelf where I store all my Zutter stuff, and I haven't had time to tidy that one yet.
My laptop, which I love dearly. I just hope it lives a little bit longer than the old one. And you can see which part of the internet I spend the most of my time at. And the Twilight movie is there because I watched it yesterday while scrapping. For the, like, 20th time. :)
Lots of embellishments on this shelf. I need to reorganize that a little,but for now it works with these different boxes and baskets and stuff. I also have a few tools here, my blue Bind-It-All (the pink one is in its bag on the floor), my Scor-It and my Cuttlebug.
Well, I did have another picture, but I think Blogger just ate it or something... But I think you get an idea of what it looks like, and how tiny it is.

torsdag 6 augusti 2009

A little bit of each

I've started working on the photos I took when we were on vacation. Here's a layout with a few from the water tower in Örebro, "the mushroom". The view was fabulous up there, and Albin loved it. He's so fascinated with how things work out, and water towers have been a hot topic lately. We have one here, which actually looks quite a lot like a musroom too, and he's been wondering a lot about it. In daycare, when all the children were drawing houses, Albin drew a house with a clutter of lines underneath. That was all the pipes leading to and from the house.

Inside this water tower was a room where a guide told the children all about how the water tower works and they could do a lot of experiments. Guess if my little boy was in paradise! But outside, he wasn't that thrilled at first. We were pretty high up, and the view was fantastic, but for my little boy it was a bit scary. He did take a look at the view eventually, and agreed that it was pretty amazing after all. The MME papers are from the lovely store Stellas, where I go internet shopping every now and then, and actually got a chance to visit IRL last week.
Yesterday, my friend Jeanette was over with her cute little monsters so they could play with my little monsters, and we did manage to scrap a little in all the commotion. But there was something strange going on here yesterday. It seems as if Jules Verne payed a visit to my toilet... Hmm, I wonder.

Anyway, I altered this jewellery hanger that I bought at a Panduro Hobby store last week. I've wanted one for ages, and of course (what else?) I had to use some Graphic 45 Fashionsta papers.
And if you look really closely at one of the bracelets on the hanger - lo and behold, it's made from Graphic 45 papers! I've glued them onto Tim Holtz fragments using glossy accents, covered them with more glossy accents and decorated with rhinestones. Yup, now I can even wear Graphic 45 stuff. Am I obsessed or what? LOL!
Oh, and I seem to be in a real flow now when it comes to challenges. I managed to win the July challenge at Websters' pages with the layout about P's giftwrapping a few posts back. Guess if he was cocky about that. Moreover, I won the July Challenge at Graphic 45 too! I'm shocked! But thrilled, of course. So there's a loooot of goodies heading in my direction, in other words. :)
But right now, this place seems awfully empty from goodies. I have nothing at home that feels inspiring to work with. So in the meantime, while I'm waiting for all these goodies to arrive, I'm clearing out my scrapspace, trying to make room for everything that's coming. Tomorrow, I hope at least the new Nook kit will arrive. Keep your fingers crossed, people.

onsdag 5 augusti 2009

Breaks my heart...

but I will no longer be a part of the team at the community Svensk Scrapbooking. I haven't been able to do my share of the work over there for a while, and that's not fair to the rest of the girls in the team. So I decided to step back. It wasn't an easy decision, after all Svensk Scrapbooking was my first "home" on the internet, the first community I found when I started looking, and I will always consider it my home.

I consider you, teamgirls, my best friends on the internet, and I will miss chattering with you a lot. But dont forget, I'll always stick around as your "hangaround"


måndag 3 augusti 2009

A zutter thing or two...

I'm back from one week's holiday up north. Well, we didn't go that far up, but I live so far south, so almost everywhere is north from here. We've spent one week just outside the city of Örebro in an amazing old house and made roadtrips to just about everywhere up there. We've seen beautiful scenery and buildings, experienced many adventures, heard a lot of stories and enjoyed every second of the week. In that area, almost everything important in Swedish history happened, so there's a lot to see and a lot to learn. And thank goodness we bought ourselves a GPS before we went there, because it has made it possible to go places we would never have gone otherwise. Oh, and I have tons of photos, but who would be interested in watching old castles and barns and views over cities and the countryside? Well, I might upload a few once I have them edited.

Big things are happening at Zutter - we have just launched our very own COMMUNITY, so please, come on over and share your Bind-It-All- and other Zutter projects with us. I especially want all of you Swedes over there. Come on, lets show the rest of the world what amazing talent there is in this country.

I am going to share with you today one of my Bind-It-All projects for the month. I've used beautiful papers from Teresa Collins and made a little book-in-a-frame, about things that are important to me.
A few detail shots:

I also have an announcement today. I'm stepping back from my DT assignment at Mima's scrapbooking. We couldn't quite come to an agreement about certain things, so it definitely felt like the right thing to do. For those of you who have been asking - this means that I won't be at the crop in Halmstad in September. But I do hope all of you who are going will have a fabulous time.
As for designing, I have a few things up my sleeve, so I won't be left without something to do this autumn for sure.