söndag 23 oktober 2011

Pink Ribbon

This layout is also for a challenge at Scrapptorget. It's a challenge to use a pink ribbon on your layout, to acknowledge breast cancer. I felt I had to participate in this challenge, because I think everyone has been affected by this disease in any way, either lost someone from it, or know someone who has. Myself, I have a close family member who is a breast cancer survivor, and of course, we all are very grateful for that. Many people aren't that lucky.

So, that's it for today. I'm heading back to do some more painting in the veranda. I'm getting close to seing the finished result now, and it will be so light and airy! It will be the perfect background for the Christmas tree, because that's where I plan to put it.

lördag 22 oktober 2011

3 stamps

Today, I've started repainting the veranda at the farmhouse. It's quite a lot of work to do, but I'm hoping the result will be lovely. Right now the first coat of paint is drying and I can't do anything out there, so I thought I'd take a break and update the blog.

In Scrapptorget's cybercrop there was a challenge to make a project and use three stamps on it. So I did. I stamped on shrink plastic with a stamp from Stempelglede, and baked it in the oven for a couple of minutes. Then I layered the ready piece with another paper, stamped with the same stamp, plus a couple of punched-out patterned paper circles. Then I stamped directly on the patterned paper with a background stamp from Unity Stamps, plus stamped a journaling spot and cut it out. So, all in all three stamps, and very few other embellishments.
So, now I'm heading back to the paintbrush. Have a great Saturday evening!

fredag 21 oktober 2011


Yes, thank God it's Friday! For some reason, this week has taken it's toll on me. I'm wasted. I've never been this tired in my entire life! It was such a relief getting home from work this afternoon, packing up the car and heading out to the farmhouse. And now I'm sitting here, in front of a crackling fire in the old tile stove, feeling completely relaxed. The kids are upstairs in bed, P is snoring on the couch, and I finally felt inspired to do some blogging.

I made a completely flat layout the other day. It's for a challenge at Scrapptorget, where they wanted you to make a completely flat layout. No layers, no embellishments, nothing. The thing is... I really love layers, and I love 3D-elements on my layouts, so here I had to retink everything. 
I printed the photo plus the title directly onto the cardstock, and then I got busy with stamps, masks, ink and pens. And that's about it. As you can see, it's completely flat. I haven't glued anything on there.
It's good to do things differently once in a while. Making this layout really got me thinking about making more of this. I really like how it turned out, and I will most definitely be making more flat layouts. I also think the photo looks gorgeous, printed straight onto the cardstock.

Well, that's all I have to share tonight, I'm afraid. I did, however, bring my external harddrive from home, with a few scrappy pics on it (I'm on my job laptop here at the farm, with no photoshop or any other photo editing software) so don't be surprised if there will be another update or two here on the blog over the weekend.

Happy Friday, everyone!

måndag 17 oktober 2011

Riddersholm Forever!

This is a very tired Jenny with a short post for y'all.I made this card a couple of weeks ago, with papers from Riddersholm Design, and a few odds and ends I had lying around in my stash. I love this release, Chantilly Dawn.
So, that's it. Very short, like I said :) It's way past bedtime, and I have a busy day at work tomorrow, with a lot of things to think about, and a couple of worries that keep bugging me and need sorting out. So, off to bed I go!
Good night, everyone!

söndag 16 oktober 2011

Albin in 2nd grade

Am I the only one getting grey hairs because of Blogger lately? I can't put links in my texts, or at least not more than once in every blog post, I can't change the fonts, and it's acting really, really weird! My first guess was that it was my laptop that caused this disturbance somehow, but I've tried blogging from three different computers, and it's the same everywhere, so that's not it. These things are supposed to just work, and it's really annoying when they don't.
So, anyway, I'm going to use my only link in this post for ScrappTorget, a site that is hosting a cybercrop at the moment. I made a layout for one of their challenges last night, a challenge where you were supposed to make a layout with a lot of white space on. This is my take. Yeah, I know, there could be more white space, but I figured I also needed to keep it balanced.

The papers and decorations are from the Nook October kit, fabulous MME Lost & Found II. Love it!

Have a great week, everyone!