måndag 29 mars 2010

Spring photography

Finally it's spring, the light returns and it's a lot more fun bringing out the camera. I so need new photos to scrap! We the defied fever yesterday and went outside for a little while to get some fresh air, and I snapped a few shots of the kids.

Here's my beautiful boy:
And my sweet girl, who, by the way, didn't like this photo at all: "But mommy, look at my hair! It's so tousled!" And I said: "No, it's just blowing beautifully in the wind"
And now I've promised to lend the laptop to the kids for some cumputer gaming, and myself, I'm off to cook lunch for my feverish little ones.
And by the way, did you know that there will be a vitual crop at My Scrapbook Nook soon? You won't want to miss it! It's going to be a blast!

fredag 26 mars 2010


This little girl is the apple of my eye. She is the most adorable and gorgeous little creature there is - and a total urchin, of course. I spend most of my time scolding her and sending her to her room for timeouts. I get a lot of "I don't want you anymore, mommy" and "I'm moving out of this house because you aren't my mommy anymore". I get a lot of tantrums and high-pitched screaming when things don't work out as the little lady commands.

But I also get tons of hugs and kisses and "mommy I love you" and all of those adorable little things an almost-four-year-old say and do. And even though I'm so angry at times that I almost can't think straight, I feel joy and comfort in the knowledge that this phase she is going through right now will help making her into a strong-willed and confident young woman who will be very capable of looking after herself. And I make sure she knows that I love her no matter what.

Most of the supplies are from the March kit and add-ons at My Scrapbook Nook. This is most likely the best Nook kit ever! Until the April one arrives, that is, because then that one will most likely be the best Nook kit ever! It feels like that every time I open one. :)

Another pin cushion and a sewing box to go with it.

I made this pin cushion from the Cosmo Cricket line Material Girl, which I got in my last DT kit from Scraplagret.
I also altered this old sewing box from the thrift shop to go with it. First, I painted the box and the spool for the pincushion with a gorgeous, shimmery acrylic paint, and then I dressed it with papers.
The sewing box turned out to be perfect for storing all those gorgeous pins I have collected over the years.

onsdag 24 mars 2010

It's soon April!

Earlier this week I posted my first class at the Nook message board. I'm showing you how to make these little pincushions out of vintage wooden spools, that I was lucky to find a whole bag full of in a thrift shop a few weeks ago. If you want to check it out, the class can be found here.
And soon, the April kit will land too. I have some really big plans for this one... I love all the greens and blues and browns in this kit, and I am absolutely thrilled that we will be getting some of the new Maya Road leaf pins too.
But until then, I keep working with my dear March kit...

tisdag 23 mars 2010

Work in progress

In our house, there is always some kind of creative work in progress lying around somewhere. I have a daughter who fills her life with paper, pens and crayons, not unlike myself when I was her age, and a son who believes he can build anything from paper, junk, glue and tape... not unlike myself right now, come to think of it... lol.

Me, I scrap, refinish furniture and sew. I have a big quilt almost done, and I love sewing cushions for the couch. I also love knitting and crocheting, but my wrists hurt pretty bad, so right now that's a big no-no. But sew, I still can, and I still do. A couple of days ago, Agnes told me that her Lola-doll was freezing, so we went up to her closet, found an outgrown dress and turned it into a little dress and a hat for poor Lola. This dress-making business created a small mess in our dining room, and it got me thinking. Isn't this what a home with a heart is all about? Without the small traces of who you are, the house is nothing more than a house. It's our little creative messes that make this house into our home. We are creative in our family, and you can see traces of that all over our home. I'm blessed to have a room set aside for creativity. Unfortunately it isn't big enough to house more than my scrapbooking stash, and thus I spread my other things around the house. I took a few shots of my little sewing mess in the dining room, and made a layout about it, using the fabulous March kit from My Scrapbook Nook, featuring Pink Paislee's Bayberry Cottage line. The colors of this line makes me think of green grass, lilacs and blue skies... Welcome spring!

onsdag 17 mars 2010

Very soon...

...these goodies will land in my mailbox. Of course, it's the March kit from My Scrapbook Nook, and it's shipping right about now!!!! So soon, very soon we all get to play with it. And guess what? The April kit won't be far behind. So it's almost like waiting for Santa!

Do you see the pins? I have BIG plans for those. And the Artisan tape... yummy! The mini chipboards... Yep, this will definitely be a fabulous kit, well worth waiting these extra weeks for.
Haven't you ordered your kit yet? Well, hurry then, because they will probably run out soon.

fredag 5 mars 2010

My G45 entries

I have been menaing to blog my entries for the Graphic 45 DT call the whole week, but between a two day gender equality course I took, work and family life, this week just flew by faster than I could ever imagine. But now it's Friday (thank heaven for that) and I have two free days ahead of me. Well, not entirely free, because we are in a busy test period at work now, and I have tons of essays to grade this weekend, plus writing 40 or so reports too. I hope to be able to squeeze in just a little bit of scrapping too, and to tidy my utterly messy scrap room.

Anyway, here are those of my entries that I haven't blogged before. First off, a layout using the On the Boardwalk line, so perfect for summer photos.
Since I made the airplane (a few posts below, also among my entries) for Albin I had to make a flying object for Agnes too, right? So I made her this little Le Romantique ballon, which is supposed to hang from her ceiling as soon as I get a hook up there to hang it from. Hmm, I guess I'll have to put that too on tomorrow's to-do list.
Stuffed with spanking new Primas, of course. You know me :)
This wedding card was also made with Le Romantique papers, and my beloved lamp post die. It's perfect for just about anything! I didn't have a ribbon in the exact color I needed for these papers, so I actually painted this one with Pro Markers. Pretty cute, huh?
More Le Romantique... I can't get enough of this line! Even though it is wedding themed, you can use it for so much more than just wedding stuff.
And even more... This thing is actually made out of two old candlesticks. I love making new things out of old things. I guess that's why I'm into altered art.

On the Boardwalk again. We're lucky to live only a few kilometres from the shore, so on hot and sunny summer days, that's where we hang out.
Last but not least, a layout with A Proper Gentleman. I got this idea about tying a layout together with shoelaces. I planned to put eylets in the hole, to really make it look like a shoe, but my shoelaces were too thick so I had to skip that idea. But I like how it turned out anyway. Romantic, yet boyish.
I have put Albin's badge maker to work again. I still claim it to be the best present I ever gave him. LOL.
So, please keep your fingers crossed for me in the final round. I already had a project almost done, just in case, since I'm international and sending stuff to the US takes at least a week. I just need to put the finishing touch to it.
Have a nice Friday night and weekend, and thank you all so much for all the congratulations here, on Facebook and on other places.


Wow! I can't believe it!

I'm among the finalists for the Graphic 45 DT call!!!


onsdag 3 mars 2010

DIY haircut...

We all know that little girls and scissors just don't match. Especially if the little girl in question has her mind set on wanting the same hairdo as a little boy she knows...

This is my friend Jeanette's four-year-old Felicia, a truly inventive little girlie, who often has some sort of mischief on her mind. She's a sweetie, and she has given us many good laughs over the years ♥.

This photo made me giggle. Jeanette sent it to me to get it printed for the crop Friday, and the second I saw it I knew that I had to scrap this one by myself, especially since I just got a DT kit from Scraplagret containing these marvellous Cosmo Cricket Material Girl papers. Look at the scissors border. It couldn't be more perfect than that.
I absolutely adore that cheeky look on her face! Talk about knowing you're in trouble! And Jeanette is also a scrapbooker, of course, so this event was well documented with photos.
More Primas... ♥