torsdag 29 juli 2010

What's up at the Nook?

There is surely a lot going on at My Scrapbook Nook right now. First of all, this lovely kit is on its way out. It's loaded with pretty stuff! Yes, it's Sassafras' lovely line Indie Girl. I really look forward to working with this kit. I haven't been into Sassafras for a long time, but this collection made me swoon.
Second, we're having a bloghop really soon! There are fabulous prizes, so be sure to tag along.And last but not least, definitely not least, the opportunity is once again here to apply for the wonderful Nook DT! It is the best DT to be on, really! Read all about the call here, and apply. APPLY! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and who knows, you might be the one who get to inspire us with loveliness from the kit for six months to come.

söndag 25 juli 2010

Something old...

...something blue. That is the name of one of the lines from Swedish manufacturer Magnolia, and I got the opportunity to work with them for Scraplagret last month. The name suggests wedding, but there's nothing that says you have to use wedding photos for these papers, because they can be used for just about everything.

I made a layout about my little girlie. This is one of the photos I snapped of her on Midsummer's eve. I really like the soft colors of these papers! I ran a vintage action on the photo to make it a little bit softer as well, to match.
The next project I made was this little box, which my son ordered to give to his girlfriend. When I showed it to him, he thought the outside was OK, but I really, really needed to decorate the inside too. Can you believe that? My seven-year-old son actually gave me a reprimand, told me that what I made wasn't good enough, and wanted me to change it! LOL!
But who am I to resist his request? Of course I decorated the inside of the lid for him, with a castle, just as he demanded.
I also got a roll of Tim Holtz' tissue paper tape. I absolutely loved it! What a wonderful product, and how versatile it is! I made a set of four cards, where I tried to use the tissue paper in four different ways.
On this first card I made a flower out of it. Since the tape is sticky on the back, I took some potato starch on a paintbrush and brushed the back of it after I had put the flower together, to prevent it from sticking onto the card.
On the next card I used it as a background.
Here I made a tissue paper ruffle. Once again I brushed some starch on to the back of the tape.
And here I just put it on, and wrinkled it a bit while doing so, to create some texture to the card.
And other than that, I've been really busy with CHA assignments for Graphic 45, which I will show you as soon as I can, and with preparing for another thing, a huge thing which I can't tell you anything about just yet, but which will keep me fairly busy for months and years to come :) Let's just say it's the biggest project I've ever got involved in, and it's not even scraprelated...

tisdag 6 juli 2010

Card Sketch Tuesdays at The Nook

Today, we are kicking off with a card sketch at the Nook messageboard. We will post a new sketch each Tuesday, and would like to see as many takes as possible! I just posted the first sketch, and here is the card I made from it. with the fabulous July kit! If you want to join in on the fun, here is the thread.

söndag 4 juli 2010

Hello Sunshine!!!

You know, I'm not the bright-color-bold-pattern type of girl. Not in any way. I prefer soft, muted colors and find it extremely difficult to work with things that are too bright and busy. So let's just say I had mixed emotions about the July kit from My Scrapbook Nook. Until I dug into it, that is. Because now, after five (!) layouts, I don't have anything at all against bright colors. Not if they are in such a well-matched kit as this one.

First of all, here's a photo of my mischievous girl. Ste's often up to no good, and she often has that cheeky look on her face that I managed to capture yesterday on this photo. This is also a photo from yesterday. I just love to watch my little guy walking! He just strolls along like there isn't one single thing that troubles him in this world. Just imagine being so relaxed and light-hearted, and being able to look at everyone he meets with an open mind. There's really nothing that bothers him. He is so tolerant towards everybody, and doesn't even notice things about people that others might have trouble with. He doesn't get impressed with kids trying to be "cool" in one way or the other, those things just don't do it for him. He sees people for who they are, not "what" they try to be. The title translated to English is "There he goes".

Little sisters are not only annoying troublemakers. Once in a while, you can also learn something from them. Agnes, when she doesn't get what she wants, she bursts into a choir of PLEASE... It's please, please, please, please, with the cutest voice such a little creature can produce, and with a slightly tilted head, and she is almost completely irresistible... almost. So, big brother thought it might be a great idea to adapt that kind of approach to mommy and daddy when it's something he wants really bad. Accordingly, the word PLEASE is now heard a lot in our house. Sometimes, when it's something they both want, things can get next to unbareable. However, none of them seems to yet have realized that it doesn't work. A no is still a no even after 20-30 please...Here is a very old photo of Agnes on a carousel ride with daddy. She was only one year old, and it seems like it's ages ago! Look at her, how completely absorbed she was by the wonders of the carousel. She did not know where to look, she just tried to take it all in at once.And then the last one, for now, there might be more, with a photo of a blue-yellow girl eating a blue-yellow cookie on a blue-yellow day. The photo was taken on the 6th of June, our national day.
With all that made, I still have plenty of stuff left with my July kit. I guess that will keep me busy until August, when we will get some of Sassafras new Indie Girl to play with. Now, that is something I really look forward to, because that line is completely my cup of tea!
I hope your days are as sunny and bright as ours. I guess we will be hanging quite a lot by our new pool tomorrow. There will most likely be lots of opportunities then for more photos that I can use with what's left of my July kit.

fredag 2 juli 2010

A whole lot of Graphic 45!

Even though I'm on summer break, and shouldn't be having all that much to do, my days are still busy, busy, busy. But it's the fun kind of busy! I'm painting furniture, cleaning out cupboards, trowing away old junk, you know, all those things you seldom find time for when you work long hours. And the kids are having friends over to play too. I was supposed to lean back, put my feet up and relax this week, but I'm just going to have to put that off for a few more days. There are so many things I feel like doing right now. Plus I have a few scrap assignments keeping me busy as well :) And then there is a huge project coming up, hopefully in a few weeks, that will keep me busy for a long, long time, and that I can't wait to get started on!!! I'm so friggin' excited about that one. Will tell you all about it in a while, if things head in the direction I'm hoping for.

Here's what I made last month for Graphic 45.

Remember those dictionaries I said I'd alter? Here's another one. I crumbled, inked and misted the pages, and then I decorated with Le Romantique papers and tags, and a few goodies from Prima as well.

Here's a layout, also from Le Romantique. These photos are from Agnes' photo session at her daycare. Her hair was a total mess that day, but nevertheless, she is adorable, my little one ♥
Here I've used an older collection, Times Nouveau, combined with a little bit of A Proper Gentleman. I've been sitting on this photo of Albin and his grandmother for ages, and finally I scrapped it.
So, right now I'm planning for a late night of scrapping with the Nook July kit ♥, and Alice in Wonderland running on the computer to keep me company.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!