fredag 2 juli 2010

A whole lot of Graphic 45!

Even though I'm on summer break, and shouldn't be having all that much to do, my days are still busy, busy, busy. But it's the fun kind of busy! I'm painting furniture, cleaning out cupboards, trowing away old junk, you know, all those things you seldom find time for when you work long hours. And the kids are having friends over to play too. I was supposed to lean back, put my feet up and relax this week, but I'm just going to have to put that off for a few more days. There are so many things I feel like doing right now. Plus I have a few scrap assignments keeping me busy as well :) And then there is a huge project coming up, hopefully in a few weeks, that will keep me busy for a long, long time, and that I can't wait to get started on!!! I'm so friggin' excited about that one. Will tell you all about it in a while, if things head in the direction I'm hoping for.

Here's what I made last month for Graphic 45.

Remember those dictionaries I said I'd alter? Here's another one. I crumbled, inked and misted the pages, and then I decorated with Le Romantique papers and tags, and a few goodies from Prima as well.

Here's a layout, also from Le Romantique. These photos are from Agnes' photo session at her daycare. Her hair was a total mess that day, but nevertheless, she is adorable, my little one ♥
Here I've used an older collection, Times Nouveau, combined with a little bit of A Proper Gentleman. I've been sitting on this photo of Albin and his grandmother for ages, and finally I scrapped it.
So, right now I'm planning for a late night of scrapping with the Nook July kit ♥, and Alice in Wonderland running on the computer to keep me company.
Have a nice weekend, everyone!

4 kommentarer:

Emma sa...

Fantasiskt vackert! Fastnade verkligen för boken längst upp. Och snart kommer nya pappren ;-)

Willea sa...

Sååååå vackra alster!!

Rhonda sa...

Wow lovely stuff you have been doing~ Just beautiful.

digilabfoto sa...

wow wow wow.... beautiful creation that you have made (sorry x my english) bye from italy