söndag 4 juli 2010

Hello Sunshine!!!

You know, I'm not the bright-color-bold-pattern type of girl. Not in any way. I prefer soft, muted colors and find it extremely difficult to work with things that are too bright and busy. So let's just say I had mixed emotions about the July kit from My Scrapbook Nook. Until I dug into it, that is. Because now, after five (!) layouts, I don't have anything at all against bright colors. Not if they are in such a well-matched kit as this one.

First of all, here's a photo of my mischievous girl. Ste's often up to no good, and she often has that cheeky look on her face that I managed to capture yesterday on this photo. This is also a photo from yesterday. I just love to watch my little guy walking! He just strolls along like there isn't one single thing that troubles him in this world. Just imagine being so relaxed and light-hearted, and being able to look at everyone he meets with an open mind. There's really nothing that bothers him. He is so tolerant towards everybody, and doesn't even notice things about people that others might have trouble with. He doesn't get impressed with kids trying to be "cool" in one way or the other, those things just don't do it for him. He sees people for who they are, not "what" they try to be. The title translated to English is "There he goes".

Little sisters are not only annoying troublemakers. Once in a while, you can also learn something from them. Agnes, when she doesn't get what she wants, she bursts into a choir of PLEASE... It's please, please, please, please, with the cutest voice such a little creature can produce, and with a slightly tilted head, and she is almost completely irresistible... almost. So, big brother thought it might be a great idea to adapt that kind of approach to mommy and daddy when it's something he wants really bad. Accordingly, the word PLEASE is now heard a lot in our house. Sometimes, when it's something they both want, things can get next to unbareable. However, none of them seems to yet have realized that it doesn't work. A no is still a no even after 20-30 please...Here is a very old photo of Agnes on a carousel ride with daddy. She was only one year old, and it seems like it's ages ago! Look at her, how completely absorbed she was by the wonders of the carousel. She did not know where to look, she just tried to take it all in at once.And then the last one, for now, there might be more, with a photo of a blue-yellow girl eating a blue-yellow cookie on a blue-yellow day. The photo was taken on the 6th of June, our national day.
With all that made, I still have plenty of stuff left with my July kit. I guess that will keep me busy until August, when we will get some of Sassafras new Indie Girl to play with. Now, that is something I really look forward to, because that line is completely my cup of tea!
I hope your days are as sunny and bright as ours. I guess we will be hanging quite a lot by our new pool tomorrow. There will most likely be lots of opportunities then for more photos that I can use with what's left of my July kit.

3 kommentarer:

Anna Sigga sa...

These layouts are fantastic girl - so fun seeing these bright creations from you!! You rock anything you get your hands on!

Nenne sa...

Herregud Jenny!! Helt underbara, allihop, älskar titeln "där går han" den kommer jag låna ;D Måste ha mitt kit NU!! Tack för inspirationen!


AnnaB sa...

Superfina! Kul att se dig scrappa med så annorlunda färger - för att vara du - men det funkade ju toppen! Ibland är det bra att få en sån där utmaning som gör att man gör något man aldrig hade gett sig på annars. :)