fredag 29 januari 2010

Look! Look! LOOK!!!

Yes, you have to check this out.

So cool, I had no idea!
Thanks, Zarah, for pointing it out ♥

tisdag 26 januari 2010

Pink Paislee home decor thingy...

Yeah, well, I'm not quite sure what to call this one... But it is made from Pink Paislee papers, I do know that much.

Today is another stay-at-home-with-sick-kids kind of day. It was Albin's turn to get the vaccine shot yesterday, so he isn't feeling well today. Well, his temperature is lower now than this morning, but not quite back to normal yet.

So, I actually get some time over to blog something today, in between all the laundry and cleaning I do today on my "bonus day" at home - another project I made for My Scrapbook Nook with their lovely January kit.
I really like these little flowers - tons of fun to make, and they turned out really cute.
Some photos of my princess:
Some chipboard pieces from Maya Road, one dressed in PP and the other ones covered with Glimmer mist and Rock Candy Crackle paint.
That's all for now. I'm getting back to the laundry piles :)
Have a great day!

fredag 22 januari 2010

Pink Paislee Jewellery Hanger

My little girl got her second shot of the Swine Flu vaccine yesterday, and now she's having a temperature. She's on the couch watching Spongebob right now, accompanied by big brother who also got to stay at home and sleep in this morning. Meanwhile, I'm blogging a little, and I've sewn a little on a quilt I'm making.

I want to show you another thing I made as a guest designer for the Nook - a jewellery hanger. It's for Agnes, of course, and she thought it looked just great, which is good, since she's having it.
The roses, leaves and the pearl swirl are not from the kit, everything else is. Just look at that lace. Isn't it wonderful? And the little pin... ♥
Some more details:
That's all for today, dear blog readers. See ya!

måndag 18 januari 2010

Long time no see...

...but the spring term took off, and I got swamped. That's how it's supposed to be, I guess. Nevertheless, I have a couple of projects to share today. Both of them are made with the Pink Paislee Cupid line, which is in the January Kit at My Scrapbook Nook. I'm happy to say that I have got the GREAT honour to be a guest designer there again this month, for the second time.

This project is for my dear daughter, and she loved it... but who wouldn't love these papers and colours? They are PERFECT for little girls' things. I'm not going to say much about it, because it's getting near bedtime, and I have been spending way too much time this weekend past renovating a couple of old chairs instead of loving my ol' blog. So I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves and go to bed instead.

I'm going to show you this layout too, because it got featured in the Nook newsletter, which came today, and the praise I got in there was just wonderful! I'm really moved, and happy to have got the honour to design for the Nook, if so only for a month (but I am trying to bribe myself into the design team... don't know if it will work though LOL)
I'm really happy about the ruffles on this one... It gives such fun texture to a layout.
So, have a nice day, evening or night, wherever you are in this world.

onsdag 6 januari 2010

Me - a notebook

I absolutely love the Chip Tiles from Tattered Angels, but I've had a little trouble figuring out what to do with them, until this idea struck me. They are the perfect size for little note books. So I made this one for myself, to write down those little ideas that spring to mind when you are doing totally different things, like cleaning the house, or surfing the internet. This little book is starting to fill up with ideas of how to decorate my home, and the first little idea that I scribbled down is about to come true right now, since I've spent all morning cutting fabric for a quilt.
I had tons of fun making this book, and I plan on making a few more of them for gifts. I've used a lot of glimmer mist, Distress Ink and, of course, my new obsession Rock Candy Stickles, on this tile.
All the supplies are from Scraplagret.
So, today I'm preparing for getting back to work tomorrow. I have a little laundry to make, a scrap project to finish up and some photography to do. I'm just waiting for the sun to perhaps break through the clouds, and hopefully I will get a little more light into the dining room and be able to get those photos I need.
I'm hoping to be able to post one more project today - something I made from a wonderfull comment Albin shared at the dinner table the other day.

måndag 4 januari 2010

Baby, it's cold outside...

...and what's better than staying inside and scrap when it's cold? I've managed to make a few layouts in the last few days. The first one is made from an older Nook kit, with papers from the Lily Bee Audrey collection, which are gorgeous, but I find them rather difficult to use for some reason. They were perfect for this photo, though.
Then I found some older Pink Paislee papers, from their Winsome collection. I had to make a layout about my son's black eye he managed to get just before Christmas. He ran into my desk, head first, and at first it just looked like a tiny bruise, but as the days went by, the shadow around his eye became darker and darker until he looked like he had been in a fistfight... Poor boy.
And then this one. I made it for Scraplagret, and the photo is taken by my sister when they were here for a little belated Christmas celebration last weekend (since DD caught a stomach bug right in time for Christmas). She is a cheeky little one, my girlie, and this photo is soo perfect for showing that off.
Here's a little closeup, showing one of my latest passions - Distress Stickles Rock Candy. I love the snowy, glittery effect you get when you put it on for instance thickers, as I did here.

lördag 2 januari 2010

Some DT-stuff

I have a couple of DT projects for Scraplagret to share today. The first one is a layout with a few photos I took at Tivoli in Copenhagen when we were there in December. We try to go there every December, if we can squeeze it in, because it's so beautiful there, the whole park decked for the holidays. It really puts you in the right mood, and that was so needed this year.
Then I made this exploding pyramid, which looks like this when it's fully closed:
Then it opens up... reveal a few favourite shots of my kids. We gave this one to my grandmother for Christmas.
I'll be back to share some more stuff from this DT kit when I'm able to show them here.
Have a great saturday night and a good Sunday.

fredag 1 januari 2010

It's 2010!

Who knew that 2009 would fly by so quickly? It has been a good year for me and my family, and I have a lot of good memories from it. I just hope 2010 will be a good one too. There are a few changes coming up, but I hope those changes will do us good. There's no point in worrying about how things might turn out before you are there. Things that might look bad at a first glance might turn into something good eventually. I mean, change is good, isn't it?

Scrapwise, 2009 was a great year for me. I ended my year as a designer for Zutter/Bind-It-All, but it didn't end completely, I was honoured to be named OZZ, Original Zutter Zister, which still gives me an opportunity to hang on to Zutter and keep designing for them, in a way. I'm tremendously grateful for that. I have also found some really great friends in the Zutter team.

I was also asked to be a part of the design team at Scraplagret, which is a great honour, and a DT position I absolutely love! The other two girls on the team are fantastic, and so is Emma, the owner of the store. She is a really really sweet person, and she also puts together the most fantastic coordinated kits for us in the DT, and she has a fantastic sense of knowing what gets my mojo flowing, because there isn't one kit that hasn't been absolutely fabulous of those I've got so far, and quite a few of my favourite projects from 2009 are made with DT kits from Scraplagret.

Moreover, I was fortunate enough to be asked to guest design for one of my favourite paperbrands EVER, the one and only Graphic 45. That was a HUGE accomplishment for me, because I totally adore everything G45 has released so far.

And now I'm looking forward to a new year of scrappy goals to reach. As of today, I am joining the Scrap Within Reach designteam for 2010, and I am also guest designing for my favourite kit club My Scrapbook Nook this month, with their fabulous January kit that I hope will land in my mailbox in a couple of days. I will keep desingning for Scraplagret, and I will try to get a few projects into my OZZ gallery every now and then too. I have no idea what else this year has in store for me, but I hope it will be a good one, and I hope I will have the time and energy to update this blog a bit more often that I have in the last couple of months.

All that said, I am going to do what so many others are doing right now and show you my top ten projects from 2009.

The first one, a G45 Renaissance Faire layout, made for Scraplagret
Next, a witch hat made from Pink Paislee Twilight, for Halloween. It reached top 10 at 2peas.
An altered mini dresser, also from G45 Renaissance Faire, and made for Scraplagret.
Another favourite brand of mine - Webster's pages. I made this layout for a sketch challenge.
G45 Domestic Goddess, for Scraplagret.
October Afternoon Road Map, from a Nook kit.
Pink Paislee Amber road, also from a Nook kit, and this album is for a layout swap the Zutter Zisters had when our DT-term ended. So it's very precious to me, to say the least.
October Afternoon again, some older papers from the Weathervane collection.
More Pink Paislee Amber Road. I just can't help myself from giggling just a little when I see this photo of my little one sitting on a kid-size toilet which we found at IKEA in Malmö. She had been a bit hesitant about going to the toilet, but she had to try this one, since it was just so perfect for her.
And last but definitely not least, my Zutter Spinner Album, made with papers from G45. I love it!
Happy 2010 to all of you who still read my blog. I wish you all a happy scrappy year :)