tisdag 26 januari 2010

Pink Paislee home decor thingy...

Yeah, well, I'm not quite sure what to call this one... But it is made from Pink Paislee papers, I do know that much.

Today is another stay-at-home-with-sick-kids kind of day. It was Albin's turn to get the vaccine shot yesterday, so he isn't feeling well today. Well, his temperature is lower now than this morning, but not quite back to normal yet.

So, I actually get some time over to blog something today, in between all the laundry and cleaning I do today on my "bonus day" at home - another project I made for My Scrapbook Nook with their lovely January kit.
I really like these little flowers - tons of fun to make, and they turned out really cute.
Some photos of my princess:
Some chipboard pieces from Maya Road, one dressed in PP and the other ones covered with Glimmer mist and Rock Candy Crackle paint.
That's all for now. I'm getting back to the laundry piles :)
Have a great day!

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