fredag 11 oktober 2013

Im moving on...

Yes, I actually made it through the 4th round of the European Scrap Battle, which means I've reached as far in the quarter finals in the card an layout categories! The competition at this level is extremely tough, and the girls I'm up against in both battles are extremely talented with cool styles that are completely their own. I can't wait to se what the challenge for the next round is.

Here are my contributions for the 4th round:

Have a nice weekend!

måndag 7 oktober 2013

Some more projects for the European Scrapbattle


Fall term is rolling along, and apparently, I just cant get around to updating as often as I'd like to. Bu today I really must share some items I've made for the European Scrap battle. Round four is ip for voting right now, and I'm still in on the card and layout categories. So please, jump in here and vote!

Here are my contributions for the previous two rounds:

Round #2 card:
Round #2 layout:
Round #3 card: (this was a really tough one, you were supposed to use colors, colors and colors again, but no black, and no white!)
Round #3 layout: (Here too, there was to be no black or no white. I did it, even though I had to stray extremely far from my comfort zone.)
Round #4 proved to be a little easier - at least at first, because the challenge was to use as many flowers as possible. I used to be quite the flower girl, but not anymore. However, I managed to squeeze quite a lot of flowers onto my card and my layout, and still feel pretty good about the way they turned out.

Have a great day!