tisdag 27 januari 2009

Why can't I make a square layout anymore?

No, impossible, I just can't... They all have to be one shape or another and with fancy edges and all. Definitely an addiction of mine, and luckily, the CHA-peaks reveal loads of diecut papers even this season, so I guess I'll be able to keep on making shaped layouts for a looong time :-)

So, we've had another round of the stomach bug here, but luckily, I've been able to do some scrapping today. I made this layout from Jenny's sketch at MiMas, in the nick of time, because today it's the deadline of that challenge. I've used wonderful Jenni Bowlin papers from this month's Nook kit, and I couldn't help myself from over-embellish this one too. That's another thing I can't do - less embellishments.
The English translation of the title would be: "You enrich my life", and that's what she does, this little one, in so many ways.

BTW, I have to share a little toot again. I just got two layouts picked up by Swedish mag Scrapbooking-mm for their next issue. How cool is that?

Hopefully, there will be no more stomach bugs, and perhaps a little more regular updates on this sadly neglected blog. I have another layout lying on my desk, almost ready, so hopefully it will be up soon too.

onsdag 21 januari 2009

A not so little toot...

I just had to make another post tonight. Check this out:


You see the little book in the down right corner? It's mine... Oh, man, can you believe how cool this is? This book is going to be read by so many people throughout the world, and my little project is on the cover. I'm swooning over here!

My little fairy - again.

I just had to scrap these photos of Agnes, and I found the perfect sketch at the Icelandic challenge blog SÍK. I'm so happy I finally got hold of some of the vintage arcitecture embellishments from Melissa Frances (the white resin swirl in the bottom left corner). They're just gorgeous! I've also been using up my last Rouge diecut paper... I was meaning to save it to use as a template, but what the heck, it was perfect for these photos. The big rose was made from rose petals I've bought at IKEA, and then I broke my Glimmer Mist bottle when I sprayed it. I don't know what's wrong, but it doesn't spray anymore... How on earth am I going to survive that?
Today I've been clearing out my scraproom, and I can't believe the amout of paper I have! Since I've started buying kits from the Nook, the pile has just grown bigger and bigger, because there's no way I'll ever be able to use up all the papers in those kits. I just don't have enough time. So they're piling up. I wonder how long it will take before I grow out of my room...

söndag 18 januari 2009

Dear Diary...

This is another one of this month's Bind-It-All projects, a diary I've made from a white Cover All. There's not so much to tell about this one, fairly easy to make and not over-embvellished. Inside, I've put some notebook papers to write on.Close up on the embellishments:
Here's the closure, which I've painted with white acrylic and cleaned most of it away to give it a little tarnished look. I scratched the leather strap a little with a stickpin, and then I made the same thing there.
I just have to show you the sweet little fairy princess who lives in our house. I dressed her up for a photoshoot because I needed some photos for a mini. She loves dressing up, so she was really happy about it, but getting her to pose properly was a bit harder. She was more interested in that wand of hers than looking into the camera. So, most of the photos turned out like this one, with her looking down. And it was dark today, no sun and hardly no daylight, which is why the photo is a little grainy.

lördag 17 januari 2009

GDT at Stellas.se

A while back, I won a challenge at a CC at Stellas.se, and the prize was to be guest designer! Wohoo! So I got this wonderful package with loads of gorgeous papers from Basic Grey Granola, and a lot of fun stuff with that. I made these two layouts from the package, and strangely enough, it wasn't until I finished them both that I realized it was Emma and Albin on both of them.

Apart from the things from Stellas, I've added a journaling spot from fantastic Mirabyll on this one.

I really love the photo on this layout. It took a lot of effort to get Albin up in that tree with Emma. He's not really that fond of heights, and he was whining a bit when he climbed, but, but it was so worth it. He was so happy when he finally got up there. I took a lot of pictures of them, and they turned out great. I especially love this one, where both of them are gazing into the distance.
That's all for now, dear blog readers :-) And BTW, I got a really nice e-mail today with great news, something I NEVER thought would happen again. But what do you know, miracles do happen! *LOL* No, I'm not going to tell you much more, but it has to do with a pub... (and not the kind where you go for a drink)

söndag 11 januari 2009

Long time without a post...

The holidays are over, and school has started. I've been working for three days, and I've managed to catch a really bad cold too. So I've been too tired to even think of blogging, and even less of scrapping. But I've been busy today, masking and painting the floor in Agnes' room. It's getting close to done now, and we hope she can move in next weekend. The this little row of hearts will be hanging on her wall. This is another one of my January Projects with the Bind-it-all.
I've cut the hearts from really thick Chipboard, covered with patterned papers and decorated. I've painted the Grungeboard letters in pink and white, and then sprayed them with pearl Glimmer mist.
And of course the little princess thought they were very pretty - they are pink, after all... I'll be back soon, with more Bind-It-All projects and some more stuff I've been meaning to post for a while.

söndag 4 januari 2009

Scrapjo's sketch sunday

Sweet Linda/Scrapjo is showing a weekly sketch over at her blog. I was thrilled and very honoured, when she asked me to create from one of her sketches, and today it's up. I love working with sketches, and Linda's sketch was perfect! You really should go check it out. Thank's Linda for letting me play along!I won some stuff from Skaparlusten at the cybercrop at Allt om scrap a few weeks ago, and this layout was made from stuff from the huge package I received. The papers are from Prima, and they are fantastic! They made me dig deep into my pile of photos I haven't scrapped yet, to find these wonderful spring pictures. They made me think about spring, and how much I long for it every year. Spring is definitely my favourite time of the year.

I love to use tulle on my layouts. It has been a new favourite material for me. It really adds texture to a layout. The title is cut out with my slice, and I've used 3D-dots to make them pop a bit.
And then here's the photo of the day. It's baby Ida, daughter of two very dear friends of ours. And she has two very proud big sisters too. Isn't she adorable, all cuddled up in her mushroom blanket? Congratulations, Johansson family, to your brand new little princess!

lördag 3 januari 2009

Baby's first book

Ah, the Cover-alls... *sigh* You just have to love them! There's no ending to the stuff you can do with them. I'm sure you recognize the cloud pattern on this one. I've done exactly the same thing with this cover as with the wall in Agnes' room - painted it pink (with the same paint as on the wall) and cut out stencils for the clouds. You can surely imagine all the wet paint that has covered this book, and not the tiniest bubble. The Cover-alls are so thick and steady that next to nothing can ruin them.
I made a baby book with room for pictures and journaling about the first part of a baby's life. I picked out some old Basic Grey papers for this one - Sugared. They are so cute, and they were perfect with the pink colour.
Here you can see exactly how the Cover-alls work. You bind the book together with the sheet that goes in the back pocket of the cover, and then you just put the sheet back in the pocket and the pages are attached firmly to the cover. It's so clever!
Yeah, and for some reason, blogger keeps eating the pics of the rest of the inner pages, so I'll try adding them a little later...

Photo of the day, January 3rd

Isn't this the cutest face you've ever seen? She brings so much joy, this little one.

fredag 2 januari 2009

Photo of the day, January 2nd

This is my motif for the day - the ugly factory in the harbour of Karlshamn. But it looks kind of dramatic against the setting sun, don't you think? Eh, I don't think I'll scrap this one...

torsdag 1 januari 2009

Photo of the day, January 1st

There's a photo challenge going on this month over at the Nook, and I thought I'd at least try participting. I hope I'll be able to take and post a pic every day, and I certainly need some practise with my camera. This is my pic for the day - Albin on a walk in the woods. He's not happy with me taking pictures of him all the time, so most of the ones I got today were of his back, or with his hands covering his face. But I did catch him off guard once, at least.

Scrappy update!

Finally I have some scrappy things to show you. I've been creating a lot between Christmas and New Year's eve, but most of it has been things I haven't been able to show. But at least I can show you these today.

We have a monthly challenge over at Svensk Scrapbooking, and this month, Handstämplat sponsored us with a beautiful winterkit. I did get a little trouble there, because there hasn't been any winter here, really. Well, it has been cold, but there's no snow! I have a few old winter photos, but I've scrapped them over and over again, and I didn't feel like scrapping them once more. But then on Christmas day I was going to take the garbage out, and I saw this beautiful winter sky when I opened the door. I went back in and took the camera and snapped a few shots, and I used one of them for a layout about the absence of winter down here.
The flowers are made from white mulberry paper, which I've cut with my slice (don't do it if you're short of adhesive, though, because a brand new layer didn't last for more than three cuttings with this paper...), crumbled up a little and layered on top of each other.
There were a few Maja Design papers in the kit too. I really like Maja Design, and I use them alot for altered stuff like this little mini. Yeah, well, there might be some snow later, and the kids might be able to play in the snow, if not this winter, maybe next, or so, so I made this one without photos.Here's a little dangling thingy for the wire. It was one of those that got me started with the bracelet in my previous post.
I've made room for photos, and there's room for journaling on the tags sticking out from behind the photo mats.

I'll be posting some more Bind-It-All-projects shortly, and speaking of Bind-It-All, I'll be posting at the Bind-It-All blog this month together with Jennifer. Don't forget to check in there once in a while, because there's lot of stuff going on.
Happy 2009 to all of you!