torsdag 1 januari 2009

Scrappy update!

Finally I have some scrappy things to show you. I've been creating a lot between Christmas and New Year's eve, but most of it has been things I haven't been able to show. But at least I can show you these today.

We have a monthly challenge over at Svensk Scrapbooking, and this month, Handstämplat sponsored us with a beautiful winterkit. I did get a little trouble there, because there hasn't been any winter here, really. Well, it has been cold, but there's no snow! I have a few old winter photos, but I've scrapped them over and over again, and I didn't feel like scrapping them once more. But then on Christmas day I was going to take the garbage out, and I saw this beautiful winter sky when I opened the door. I went back in and took the camera and snapped a few shots, and I used one of them for a layout about the absence of winter down here.
The flowers are made from white mulberry paper, which I've cut with my slice (don't do it if you're short of adhesive, though, because a brand new layer didn't last for more than three cuttings with this paper...), crumbled up a little and layered on top of each other.
There were a few Maja Design papers in the kit too. I really like Maja Design, and I use them alot for altered stuff like this little mini. Yeah, well, there might be some snow later, and the kids might be able to play in the snow, if not this winter, maybe next, or so, so I made this one without photos.Here's a little dangling thingy for the wire. It was one of those that got me started with the bracelet in my previous post.
I've made room for photos, and there's room for journaling on the tags sticking out from behind the photo mats.

I'll be posting some more Bind-It-All-projects shortly, and speaking of Bind-It-All, I'll be posting at the Bind-It-All blog this month together with Jennifer. Don't forget to check in there once in a while, because there's lot of stuff going on.
Happy 2009 to all of you!

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TxScrapAddict sa...

Beautiful projects! Happy 2009! Can't wait to see your blog posts!