tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Pure Sweetness

Here's just a quick post to show a layout I made for Scraplagret. I've been working with Glimmer Mist and Glimmer screens here, combined with papers from Graphic 45 and Making Memories Vintage Findings (the pretty gold-embossed paper) and decorations from Prima.
Just look at this gorgewous flower. Guess what? I've ordered more of those...

OK, so now I'm headed off for work for the last time this week, even though it's only tuesday. Sometimes, it's nice being a teacher, for instance this week, when we're having fall holiday. Well, it's always nice being a teacher, but I think we all needed a break now. I need to catch up with things around the house, and the kids need to be able to sleep a little longer in the mornings. And I look forward to being able to photograph another DT layout, since it's always too dark when I get home.

See you!

måndag 26 oktober 2009

OZZ Blog Hop Winner!

Finally, it's time for the big reveal!
But first, I'd like to than you all for your sweet comments here on the blog.

OK, OK, I'm going to spill it now.
Without further ado, here's the winner:

laterg8r sa...
love the papers you chose to decorate your book - fantastic mini :D
den 19 oktober 2009 16:02

WOOHOO! Congratulations, Carrie!

E-mail your shipping address to nan@binditall.com, and the Cover-All and pre-punched Page Protectors will arrive shortly. Enjoy :)

måndag 19 oktober 2009

OZZ Blog Hop!!!

Yes, that's it! To celebrate the OZZ-team (Original Zutter Zister, that is, NOT old), we're having a super duper fantastic BLOG HOP this week! So, here's what you need to do:

Leave a comment to this post to be entered in the drawing for an 8X8" Cover-All for Page Protectors, along with a set of pre-punched protectors. Then you hop over to all of my Zisters and leave a comment on their blogs too, because they are all giving away the Cover All and Page Protectors as well! So, the more you hop, the bigger chance to win one!
And let me tell you, these Cover-Alls and page protectors are fabulous. Just look at the one I got:
Here's the story about this album at how it came to be:

About a year ago, in October 2008, I was one of the lucky girls who had been chosen for the first ever Zutter/Bind-It-all design team. I was so honoured. I could not believe my luck, that I was one of those who were chosen among more than a hundred applicants. It was an extremely exciting year, to embark on this journey with Zutter. It was their first Design team, and my first manufacturer team.

The best thing about it was not receiving all the supplies, nor getting inspired by all the fabulous work uploaded each month in our DT galleries, but it was getting to know the rest of the DT girls, from so many different parts of the world. Truly, we were on this train together, and we became like sisters for real, sharing happy times as well as our worries on our own, private space on the internet.

So, when the end of our term started to approach, Nan came up with the idea for this End of DT Swap, so that we all hade something to remember this year by. And, of course, testing a new product :o) It was a bittersweet feeling, making the pages for the swap, knowing that it would be the last thing we made as part of this design team. However, not far after, we all got the offer to continue our journey together as Original Zutter Zisters, which is absolutely fabulous!
So, here are my pages for this album. I made ten copies of this double pager layout, as did the rest of the DT-girls. Isn't that fantastic? Now I have, in this album, original pieces of artwork by all of these fantastic girls! I will cherish this album forever!
Now, hurry over to the other OZZ girls and check out their fabulous pages, and for more chances to win an 8X8"Cover All and pre-punched page protectors.

fredag 16 oktober 2009

Winter at our place

I've been scrapping a great deal of old photos lately, photos I've had in my photo box like forever, just waiting to be scrapped. This one is of Agnes, when she was just a little baby, enjoying the snow for the first time. It feels like ages ago. She has grown so much, become a real little lady with quite a few ideas of her own. Like how to dress, for instance. She wants to wear skirts, and I want her to wear jeans for daycare. It's so much more convenient, but not half as pretty, according to my three-year-old. So, she has developed a few tricks of how to make me let her wear skirts all the time. She has a very special little friend in her daycare group, a little boy who she loves dearly, and now she claims that he won't love her anymore if she wears jeans! LOL! Where do they pick up all those things?

Anyway, here she was just a little cuddly baby, smiling happily at the white, cold stuff that covered our garden. Untill she fell face first into it... she wasn't very happy about that.

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Just a shortie today...

...to show you a layout I made with what was left of my last DT kit from Scraplagret. I got a new kit today, and WOW... I just wish I had time to dig into it right away...
The photo is from this summer, when we took a trip to the Western Town of High Chaparral. Of course we had to take a ride on the train, which gets robbed every time! Albin got dragged into the action when one of the bandits walked right up to him and asked in a harsh voice where the gold was. Albin answered, in an equally harsh voice: I don't know! Aww, he was so proud of himself afterwards for having stood up to that nasty bandit! He did know it was an act, but it still was a bit scary for the little ones. A little closeup on the flower, which I've cut out with the Slice, sanded slightly, and then rubbed from the back with an embossing tool against a soft surface to give it some 3D effect.

onsdag 14 oktober 2009

A tulip on a lamp post... or something.

This might just be the weirdest thing I have ever made. I don't even know what it is... P says it looks like a tulip on a lamp post. And maybe it does.
The challenge here was to alter an empty toilet roll, and my toilet roll is the stem for this flower... or whatever it might be.
Anyway, the papers I have used is gorgeous Winters Wings from Webster's Pages.
That's all for today. It's really really cold and windy outside, and it's a bit cold in the house too right now, so I guess I'll be snuggling in the sofa with a blanket for the rest of the evening.

måndag 12 oktober 2009

Monday night...

Why are Mondays so horrible? It's hard to get up, it's hard to drag your butt to work/school/wherever you're going, isn't it? Well, this Monday flew by, and it's actually past bedtime. But I have to get these layouts up here before I go to bed.

Both of them are made with the Nook October kit, featuring G45 Domestic Godess, and my word, are these papers gorgeous or what? Just look at the colors, patterns, everything! The first one is about Agnes baking apple cake. She loves baking and helping out in the kitchen.
The other day, when Agnes was home sick, we put on warm clothes and went out into the garden and played with some fallen leaves. We foud a big, ugly toad hiding under a tarpaulin next to the garage, and we built it a new little home from stones and leaves where it could spend the winter, sleeping. Agnes didn't want to kiss it to see if it would turn into a prince, and I can't blame her. It would have made a cute photo, though. The photos I got of her were awfully cute too, and this one begged to be put on a layout asap.
That said, it's definitely time for bed.
Good night.

söndag 11 oktober 2009

A double pager...

I've made a double pager layout. I never make double pagers. Never. Well, I have made, lets see, three of them before. And I've been a scrapbooker for almost four years. Now, that's how often I make double pagers.

This time I had to make one. I'm participating in a cybercrop at JP Hobby, and one of the challenges is to make a double pager out of a certain colourful (EEEK) kit, and to add some 3D effect to the layouts. Considering how uncomfortable I am with double pagers, and the colorfulnes of the kit, the conditions to get started on this one weren't the best. There was nothing even remotely similar to vintage in the kit, and the colours... well, they were a little too much for me, to be honest. But this is what I came up with, and, well, it's OK, I guess. At least I love the photos that are on it. And the colour scheme is perfect for them.
Here's my 3D effect - some of the letters are mounted on foam scuares to make them higher than the others. I outlined them with a thin black pen to add to the impression that they are floating a little bit above the layout.
Here's what I did from another one of the Cybercrop kits. Now, this is more of what I like. You can't go wrong with pink, can you? And this reminds me of how long ago it was since the last time I used pink. I bought a bunch of pink flowers a while back, and I also won a big bag of pink roses, and I haven't touched any of them. That's probably because there's nothing pink in the new G45 collections, which is what I have been using the most lately.
This is a booklet of Friday tickets, for my kids. I have Friday afternoons off, most of the time, and through these tickets, they can choose what they want to do these afternoons.

And, incredible, no ink, no sanded edges and no edge distresser anywhere on this one. That feels a bit weird, actually.
So, it's Sunday afternoon, it's raining, and I'm going to get busy in my scrap room, finishing up another cybercrop challenge - altering an empty toilet roll. Last time I did that, it turned into a mushroom, this time I don't know what it's supposed to resemble, really. It's just some weird thingy derived from a toilet roll. Yeah, I'll show you when it's done, if I'm not too embarrased to post it.
Have a nice Sunday evening.

lördag 10 oktober 2009

The Witches Hat

I don't know when it was the last time this happened - two posts in one day. Yay! It has happened, but it was a long time ago... Well, this time I wanted to show you this hat I made from the Pink Paislee Twilight collection.
I almost got the Slice overheated working on this one. *LOL* I cut, and I cut, and then I cut a little more! You see, I haven't used my Slice much lately, because it's been so darn slow! Cutting a somewhat intricate shape took like forever, and you have to sit there and hold on to the little thingy all the time, because otherwise it will wander away and cut all over the place. But with the new design cards it's possible to increase the Slice's speed, so now it's really really fast, and cuts all the shapes in notime. It's a lot more fun to use it now.

The top pin is covered in Glossy Accents, and then I just poured glitter from a green Pink Paislee Pixee Stix. I love it! I have to get some more Pixee Stix, they are so great!
Yeah, that's definitely the last post for today. Have a nice Saturday night!


As we are getting further into October, and Halloween is almost around the corner, let's take a break from all the Christmas things on this blog and get into the Halloween mood instead. We don't celebrate it much over here, unfortunately, because I kind of need something that keeps me going during these dark, dreary months. I need something to plan for and look forward to, so I prepare for Halloween. Agnes and I bought a couple of pumpkins yesterday, which we will carv lanterns from later, and I have been making some decorative items for the house. We also tried on Agnes Halloween costume last week. Isn't this the cutest little which ever? She is trying to look dangerous and wicked, but I think she just lookes cute.

The papers are from the GORGEOUS Twilight line from Pink Paislee, and I've used my Slice a little here too.
Here's an invitation card. I wonder if anyone would come?
A little gift box with some spooky content, perhaps.
And another card, this time with an older Making Memories paper and a few things from the slice.
All of these were made for the cybercrop at JP Hobby.
I'll be back later with some more Halloween stuff.

onsdag 7 oktober 2009

G45 Christmas Past Mobile

If you want to se how I made this mobile, hop over to the Graphic 45 blog and download the full tutorial from there.
Have a great Wednesday!

tisdag 6 oktober 2009

It is up!

Yupp, it's up, the new Zutter/Bind-It-All design team. And I'm happy. There's a Swede on it. Congrats, sweet Kamilla.

So, here's what it looks like:

2009-2010 Design Team Members
Fleur Smith, BC, Cananda
Sophie Sim, Australia
Linda Elbourne, UK
Pam Sandy, Michigan, USA
Shelley Haganman, Iowa, USA
Camilla Isaksson, Sweden
Sarah de Guzman, California, USA
Lynne Forsythe, New Hampshire, USA

And here's another reason why I'm happy. My time with the Zutter/Bind-It-All desing team isnt over! The returning members, or "Vintage Zisters", are now called the OZZ - Original Zutter Zisters. Nope, there was no way we could leave this fab group.

OZZ Zutter Zisters
Annette West – Saudi Arabia
Emeline Seet – Singapore
Jennifer Priest – California, USA
Jenny Svensson – Sweden
Julie Ann Kelley – Massachusetts, USA
Lea Millora Sanders – Virginia, USA
Tish Treadaway – North Carolina, USA
Vicki Flinchum – Texas, USA

Now, how cool is that?

lördag 3 oktober 2009

Christmas is early this year...

In my package from Graphic 45 I got the Christmas Past paper pack, which is, of course, DIVINE. I love every single sheet of paper there, and it is exactly the kind of patterns and colours that bring back memories from Christmases a long time ago. I could easily use photos from when I was little, and celebrated Christmas at the farm, with Grandma and Granddad, only, I don't have any here.

Anyway, I have wanted to make a tree like this, and these papers were too pretty not to use. I cut out a semi-circle, using a kitchen plate as a template, and glued the edges together to create a cone. I cut the pattern papers into stripes of 2X1/2", and folded them over a knitting pin, glueing the ends together. You can see on the second photo what they are supposed to look like. Then I glued them onto the cone, starting from the bottom and working my way up. I adhered the cone to a knotty branch I found in my garden, using a hot glue gun, and decorated it with a few buttons here and there.
These alphas are just darling, aren't they? They are from Tattered Angels, and are in a pack with butterfly framed letters. I will show you more later with those butterflies. Here I have only used the letters, sprayed them with Glimmer mist Brick, and covered them with Glossy Accents.
I made an ornament hanger too, by accident, really. The ornaments are pre-made ones from Panduro Hobby, which I bought at their outlet store in Malmö last time I was there. They were a bargain, and I bought three of each. So of course I had to alter some of them with these papers. And then I started thinking about how to display them while photographing them. It's not like it's time to take in the Christmas tree any time soon, and get one to use only as props... no. I came up with this solution - a hanger for tea-light lanterns which I got a while ago. One of the lanterns broke, and I've had the hanger in a closet since. So I decorated it a little, and it turned out fairly OK.
Here's a closeup on one of the ornaments:
If you want to see more of what I made, keep an eye on the G45 blog, for lots of other projects, and a tutorial too, eventually.
Have a nice weekend, dear blog readers.

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Finally the time has come...

for me to be guest designer for Graphic 45! YAY! My first projects are up at the blog today, so check it out!