söndag 11 oktober 2009

A double pager...

I've made a double pager layout. I never make double pagers. Never. Well, I have made, lets see, three of them before. And I've been a scrapbooker for almost four years. Now, that's how often I make double pagers.

This time I had to make one. I'm participating in a cybercrop at JP Hobby, and one of the challenges is to make a double pager out of a certain colourful (EEEK) kit, and to add some 3D effect to the layouts. Considering how uncomfortable I am with double pagers, and the colorfulnes of the kit, the conditions to get started on this one weren't the best. There was nothing even remotely similar to vintage in the kit, and the colours... well, they were a little too much for me, to be honest. But this is what I came up with, and, well, it's OK, I guess. At least I love the photos that are on it. And the colour scheme is perfect for them.
Here's my 3D effect - some of the letters are mounted on foam scuares to make them higher than the others. I outlined them with a thin black pen to add to the impression that they are floating a little bit above the layout.
Here's what I did from another one of the Cybercrop kits. Now, this is more of what I like. You can't go wrong with pink, can you? And this reminds me of how long ago it was since the last time I used pink. I bought a bunch of pink flowers a while back, and I also won a big bag of pink roses, and I haven't touched any of them. That's probably because there's nothing pink in the new G45 collections, which is what I have been using the most lately.
This is a booklet of Friday tickets, for my kids. I have Friday afternoons off, most of the time, and through these tickets, they can choose what they want to do these afternoons.

And, incredible, no ink, no sanded edges and no edge distresser anywhere on this one. That feels a bit weird, actually.
So, it's Sunday afternoon, it's raining, and I'm going to get busy in my scrap room, finishing up another cybercrop challenge - altering an empty toilet roll. Last time I did that, it turned into a mushroom, this time I don't know what it's supposed to resemble, really. It's just some weird thingy derived from a toilet roll. Yeah, I'll show you when it's done, if I'm not too embarrased to post it.
Have a nice Sunday evening.

2 kommentarer:

Jennifer Priest sa...

Love the layout! And the ticket booklet.

Rosie sa...

I love your witches hat, that is a lot of work.