tisdag 30 juni 2009

Gimme some Cosmo Cricket!

Yes, I'm taking the plunge. I'm applying for the Cosmo Cricket DT. At first I thought there was absolutely no point, since I know I'm not going to make it anyway, not with all the talented people out there, but when I started looking through my stuff I saw that I had quite a lot of CC stuff, and I even got inspired to do more! I might as well upload it here and throw in an application. You never know, right?

So, first there is Early Bird. It was in the Nook June kit, and let me tell you, I have never used up a kit so utterly and entirely as this one. There's hardly a scrap left, only a tiny piece of the dotted red and white paper that I might be able to put on a card. Besides the things I'm showing you here, I made a bunch of cards too, but of course I forgot to photograph them before I gave them away. Too bad, but that's life.
This clipboard, the note pad and the matching covers for my calendar, I made to have at work. Perhaps it will be a little bit funnier to get up early in the mornings when I have this to look forward to at my desk :). I made this when I started to run out of papers, thus the patchwork look.

OK, and here's even more of patchwork look on this sign that I made for Agnes. I bought her these cute little porcelain plates and bowls at IKEA, and the colours matched Early Bird perfectly, so I put together this sign for her to have in her little kitchen area in her room. I've used 1X1" squares, and here I used up the very last scraps of many of the papers. But I really like how it turned out.
So, here's a few things I've made from the Everafter line, also from an older Nook kit. I hadn't touched that kit much, because I was kind of busy when I got it, but I made two of these layouts new this week, and I really love these papers:
Arent these the cutest little baby feet ever? It's my friend's little Ida again, you know, the girlie with the Nikon in the post from the other day. I managed to get this picture of her feet yesterday, when we attempted a photoshoot on the lawn, which ended with Ida falling on her face and getting really really upset, poor thing. The lengths you go through for a really good photo, huh?
And then an older layout of my sweet darling boy:
And more boys' stuff - the Lil' Man collection. Loved it, just wish I had more of it so that I didn't have to use that 1X1" patchwork method again. But I like the look of it though.

And, I hope you forgive me for posting Christmas layouts in the middle of the summer, but here are a couple of layouts from the Oh Joy line too.

That's all folks! Now I just have to wait for my E-mail account to get up and running, because it was down earlier, so I can send in that app.

måndag 29 juni 2009

Just a quick post today...

...with this layout I made for a challenge at Svensk Scrapbooking. It was sweet Anna who challenged the rest of us girls in the design team to make a layout with handmade paper decorations. So this is what I made.
I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but it's not easy to photograph layouts in the middle of the night, which was what I made with this one :)

So now I'm heading out in the sunny and warm weather. See you!

söndag 28 juni 2009

Lots and lots of Lily Bee!

Yay, now I finally got the printer and photoshop and the rest of my necessary stuff installed to the laptop, and finally I can start uploading the things I managed to do when I was offline

In May, I had almost no time to scrap at all, and the little time I had, I had to spend making different DT-assignments. So, my Nook kit, and the May mini kit, which were both loaded with Lily Bee papers, were almost untouched. But they aren't anymore, that's for sure.

This one is made with the mini kit. The French Couture line is really, really gorgeous. Then there's the Three Little Birds line. So cute, and perfect for my little girlie.
Here she is again, when she was a sweet baby and she was so cute when she was sleeping.
Speaking of babies, here's my friend Jeanette's adorable little Ida. I wonder what her plans for the future are? I'm guessing it involves photography. And noo, this is not a photo arranged by a couple of scrapobsessed moms, whatever gave you that idea?

That's all for now, but I have two more Lily Bee layouts almost done, and loads of stuff made from Cosmo Cricket's Early Bird, which came with the Nook June kit, wich by the way is the most fabulous kit so far. I've used it almost to the very last little scrap of paper, and there's almost nothing left.
Thanks for stopping by

fredag 26 juni 2009


I'm back - for real. I have a brand new computer, and hopefully this one won't let me down... I have loads of stuff to show you, but not right no, because the weather is absolutely fabulous here today, and I'll be working in the garden for the rest of the afternoon. Se you later :)

söndag 14 juni 2009

Up and running.

I got the laptop running again. Temporarily, probably, since it's still a bit noisy and it gets really hot, but for now it works just great.

Being away from the online world means missing out on stuff that's going on here. I had totally missed that the May contest at Graphic 45 (remember, my favourite brand of paper in the world) had ended and that a winner had been chosen. And I had definitely missed out on the fact that the winner was me!!! How cool is that? Check it out at the G45 blog.

Anyway, I though't I'd take the opportunity to show you some of the photos from last Tuseday in the park. I managed to capture this seagull soaring in the air. I'm so happy for my 55-200 zoom lens, which enables me to get this close. Aren't they magnificent creatures, seagulls? At least as long as they don't try to steal your food, or poop all over you... LOL! We brought pancakes to eat in the park, and then there were more than one seagull circling the area... There were like thirty - forty of them, making a terrible noise! The sun, shining through the branches of an old oak tree.
The park is full of these beautiful old houses, and rhododendrons in every colour there is. It's so pretty this time of year.
Tomorrow I'll try to photograph all of the layouts I have laying around, and get them uploaded here too.
BTW, my blog just had its 20 000th visitor since I started it in July last year. That's pretty cool :-)

torsdag 11 juni 2009

Good and bad things with broken computers

Sadly, my not-so-old laptop seems to have bit the dust, and while I'm waiting for it to be repaired, or considered being in such bad condition that repairing is out of the question, I scrap. I suddenly seem to have all the time in the world for scrapbooking. No computer, no message boards that need checking, no blogs that need reading, no e-mails that need replying, no nothing. I just can't do all those things right now (well, except for rare occasions like this when I can borrow a computer from someone, or sneak in at work to check out those things I just can't be without). What is more, I have no grading or no lesson planning to do either, since we sent away the last students from school today, so it's officially summer holidays now. At least for the kids. Us teachers will be at work for a few days more before we get to go home.

So I scrap. And my mojo is ever so present. I haven't done more than the necessary stuff for almost two months now, since we've been so busy with everything else, both at work and at home, so it feels great scrapping all these layouts just because I want to. Can you believe I had three almost untouched Nook kits lying in their boxes? They are not untouched anymore.

I photograph too. I spent the entire Tuesday photographing my class when they played rounders and other games in the beautiful park Brunnsparken in our town. It's a perfect place for photographing, so beautiful, and we had such a lovely day.

Those were the good things. The bad thing about the computer being broken is that I can't show you anything. I scrap and I photograph like never before, but the layouts are piling up on a shelf, and the photos remain on the memory card. But, well, a good thing about the bad thing is that I'll be flooding this blog and the galleries I submit to when I get the computer fixed. So please be patient, dear blog readers, and I'll be back soon, I hope.

And while you are waiting, you might as well start waiting for this too, because it's drawing near the annual (oh yes, this is the second year we throw it, so we call it annual now) Midsummer Crop at Svensk Scrapbooking:

måndag 1 juni 2009

My perfect boy

I'm just in a quickie to show this layout I made for Zutter this month. It's a layout made to resemble a book, and bound together with the Bind-It-All. I got the idea from sweet talented Annyt. Oh, how I adore these Graphic 45 papers! I can't get enough of them! These are from the Playtimes Past collection, and so perfect for a boy layout.

I've been working all evening to sort my computer out. It's been a mess lately, been shutting down over and over, and eventually I had to reinstall everything and now it seems to be OK. I hope. Now I'm off to mark some tests, because I promised I'd do my very best to give them back tomorrow.