torsdag 11 juni 2009

Good and bad things with broken computers

Sadly, my not-so-old laptop seems to have bit the dust, and while I'm waiting for it to be repaired, or considered being in such bad condition that repairing is out of the question, I scrap. I suddenly seem to have all the time in the world for scrapbooking. No computer, no message boards that need checking, no blogs that need reading, no e-mails that need replying, no nothing. I just can't do all those things right now (well, except for rare occasions like this when I can borrow a computer from someone, or sneak in at work to check out those things I just can't be without). What is more, I have no grading or no lesson planning to do either, since we sent away the last students from school today, so it's officially summer holidays now. At least for the kids. Us teachers will be at work for a few days more before we get to go home.

So I scrap. And my mojo is ever so present. I haven't done more than the necessary stuff for almost two months now, since we've been so busy with everything else, both at work and at home, so it feels great scrapping all these layouts just because I want to. Can you believe I had three almost untouched Nook kits lying in their boxes? They are not untouched anymore.

I photograph too. I spent the entire Tuesday photographing my class when they played rounders and other games in the beautiful park Brunnsparken in our town. It's a perfect place for photographing, so beautiful, and we had such a lovely day.

Those were the good things. The bad thing about the computer being broken is that I can't show you anything. I scrap and I photograph like never before, but the layouts are piling up on a shelf, and the photos remain on the memory card. But, well, a good thing about the bad thing is that I'll be flooding this blog and the galleries I submit to when I get the computer fixed. So please be patient, dear blog readers, and I'll be back soon, I hope.

And while you are waiting, you might as well start waiting for this too, because it's drawing near the annual (oh yes, this is the second year we throw it, so we call it annual now) Midsummer Crop at Svensk Scrapbooking:

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Wildärtan sa...

Åh - jag ser fram emot att din dator kryar på sig!! Ska bli så kul att se alla dina vackra alster:-)