söndag 14 juni 2009

Up and running.

I got the laptop running again. Temporarily, probably, since it's still a bit noisy and it gets really hot, but for now it works just great.

Being away from the online world means missing out on stuff that's going on here. I had totally missed that the May contest at Graphic 45 (remember, my favourite brand of paper in the world) had ended and that a winner had been chosen. And I had definitely missed out on the fact that the winner was me!!! How cool is that? Check it out at the G45 blog.

Anyway, I though't I'd take the opportunity to show you some of the photos from last Tuseday in the park. I managed to capture this seagull soaring in the air. I'm so happy for my 55-200 zoom lens, which enables me to get this close. Aren't they magnificent creatures, seagulls? At least as long as they don't try to steal your food, or poop all over you... LOL! We brought pancakes to eat in the park, and then there were more than one seagull circling the area... There were like thirty - forty of them, making a terrible noise! The sun, shining through the branches of an old oak tree.
The park is full of these beautiful old houses, and rhododendrons in every colour there is. It's so pretty this time of year.
Tomorrow I'll try to photograph all of the layouts I have laying around, and get them uploaded here too.
BTW, my blog just had its 20 000th visitor since I started it in July last year. That's pretty cool :-)

2 kommentarer:

voodoo vixen sa...

So glad you managed to get it working again... let's hope it isn't temporary!! Congratulations on the G45 win.... well deserved!!

I want that house in the woods... its like a fairy tale house...so beautiful.

Clinen sa...

Hehe, jag tror att det är Ronneby-brunnspark? Där är sååå vackra hus i den parken.

Hittade nyss din blogg på Inspirational och jag kommer lägga till dig på bloglovin så jag blir uppdaterad när du skriver något nytt.

(Dock kommer jag inte alltid att kunna kommentera eftersom jag har svårt att se dessa verifieringskoder i min dator, de vill bara inte visas!)

Du gör verkligen fantastiska alster! Kram /Clinen