onsdag 22 februari 2012

Gone fishing

Here's a short post today with a layout I've made with Prima's Londonderry collection. It's Albin, who's fishing in Bräkneån. I really loved this collection. It is perfect for scrapping photos of the kids doing kids' stuff at the farm.  
All the supplies for this layout is from Scraplagret.

fredag 17 februari 2012

Buddies (and a suicidal car)

Wowza... I seem to have taken a quite a break from blogging! To be honest, I've taken a break from scrapbooking too, apart from the must-makes, i.e my DT-assignments. I haven't had much inspiration, really, and I have been preoccupied with other things. Here's one of the few things I've managed to produce so far this year, a layout with Chantilly Dawn papers from Riddersholm Design.
So, I've had an awful lot to think about lately, and desicions to make. My job is surely taking it's toll, no matter how much I love it and all the people I work with, both students and colleagues. Thankfully, we're having a week-long break starting today, and we all need that.

Also, we found ourselves in a lot more trouble than we ever wished for when our dear old Volvo V70 decided that it had enough and committed suicide. Yes, it did just that, actually. Believe it or not. It took off on its own downhill, missed the farmhouse, missed a huge pile of rocks, went across the road, hit a crash barrier and tipped over onto the neighbours' field... oops. I know, it really is hilarious, when you think about it. Noone got in the way, and noone was hurt, so, apart from the car itself, no damage was done. The parking break must have gone haywire. The insurance company decided that the car can't be fixed, so here we are without a car. Thankfully, we have family who are more than happy to help us out and lend us cars, so we're fine for the time being. We have to decide what car to get instead, though. We tried a KIA Cee'd last weekend, and I loved it! Not quite as nice to drive as a Volvo, but close enough.

Thus, scrapbooking has not been a priority for some time. I'm hoping to get more time do scrap and blog about it too now that we're having this break.