onsdag 6 januari 2010

Me - a notebook

I absolutely love the Chip Tiles from Tattered Angels, but I've had a little trouble figuring out what to do with them, until this idea struck me. They are the perfect size for little note books. So I made this one for myself, to write down those little ideas that spring to mind when you are doing totally different things, like cleaning the house, or surfing the internet. This little book is starting to fill up with ideas of how to decorate my home, and the first little idea that I scribbled down is about to come true right now, since I've spent all morning cutting fabric for a quilt.
I had tons of fun making this book, and I plan on making a few more of them for gifts. I've used a lot of glimmer mist, Distress Ink and, of course, my new obsession Rock Candy Stickles, on this tile.
All the supplies are from Scraplagret.
So, today I'm preparing for getting back to work tomorrow. I have a little laundry to make, a scrap project to finish up and some photography to do. I'm just waiting for the sun to perhaps break through the clouds, and hopefully I will get a little more light into the dining room and be able to get those photos I need.
I'm hoping to be able to post one more project today - something I made from a wonderfull comment Albin shared at the dinner table the other day.

5 kommentarer:

Ronda Simpson sa...

Such a beautiful project!! Enjoyed your blog!

Zarah sa...

Du är fantastisk!! Det otroligt snyggt.

Gina sa...

This is so pretty!! You did a great job.

Articsisters sa...

Tar mig en tur via ”min bloggrunda” sida. Om du tycker det är olämpligt så plocka bort min kommentar. Det är så farligt att surfa runt för jag måste titta på det du gjort sedan sist.

Jag bara njuter inne hos dig.

Jag vill bara berätta att vi har rea på Articsisters stämplar i helgen så vi får rum med de nya som kommer in. Vi öppnar upp med 50 % rabatt. Ett perfekt tillfälle att fynda fina textstämplar inför tillverkningen av Alla hjärtansdagkorten. Vi har REA från fredag den 14 januari till söndag den 17 januari.

Välkommen in

Lucy sa...

love this it's so detailed and pretty. Lucy (Munyip Makes) x