måndag 21 juni 2010

Pink Paislee Starlight

Blogging again today, Not bad, eh? Let's see how long I can keep this up. But so far so good.

A while ago, I got some papers and stuff from Pink Paislee's latest line, Starlight, from Scraplagret. I love it! It's my favourite colours and perfect for both boys and girls. So here are two layouts from this line.

Today, I've cleared out the little box room that is attatched to my scrap room. It is absolutely full of junk, and I have nowhere else to put it. Too bad, because once it was more or less empty, I could see the possibilities to actually do something great in there, like putting up shelves and use it to store some of my stash. Perhaps add a little tabletop to it, and I could keep the sewing macine up permanently in there, not having to put it away every time I have used it. *Sigh* Oh well, if I ever find another hidden cubbyhole to hide away some of that junk in, I will do something about this one. If...

2 kommentarer:

Carol sa...

super cute layouts ;)

Mette sa...

Åhhhhh vilka fina layouter! Helt underbara!