onsdag 1 december 2010


Today I have a couple of projects with Pink Paislee's collection Sweetness to show you. I made these for Scraplagret.

The first one is a little gift box with a lamp post and and a bench on top. This is one of those times that I get an idea and I can't shake it, so I just have to try it. I felt like making a lamp post, and this is it. I've used a lot of my favourite Tim Holtz tissue tape here. I LOVE that tape, it's so versatile, and one roll lasts like forever!
Here's the bench. Actually, Agnes so wanted to help out, so she made a drawing of a board that she said I could use as a template and she told me to write on the piece of paper that "this board is mommy's forever, but daddy can borrow it sometimes". Isn't that terribly sweet of her?
Here's the top of the lamp post. It was actually the Tim Holtz bauble inside that inspired me to make it.
Speaking of Agnes - here's a photo if her at age 1.5, with her auntie Anna. Agnes was so tiny back then! It's hard to believe now three years later, when she is running around on long skinny legs with pigtails in her hair. They just grow so fast!
Oh, and by the way, the photos of the gift box were taken last week. It was still greenish outside then. Now it's all covered in really thick snow, and it's freezing cold. And I love it! I just wish they could plough the roads a little better, because it's no fun driving to and from work in all this snow!

6 kommentarer:

Nenne sa...

Underbara alster! Älskar din dörrprydnad längre ner också! AMAZING hörru! Kul att du bloggar liiite oftare nu :p


Tesa/Therese sa...

Helt underbart alster. Blev så tokinspirerad av din lykta så jag var tvungen att testa att göra en själv. Finns på bloggen om du har lust att se.
Ha en go helg!
Kram Tesa

Ellis sa...

Jättetjusigt lykta och bänk, såg Therese lykta så tänkte kolla in vem hon fick inspirationen ifrån! =)
Kram Elenor

Cattis sa...

Vilka fantastiska alster du gör!!!

Jozebelle sa...

Helt otroligt vad du är duktig, hoppas få träffa dej någon gång och inspireras av dej i verkliga livet.

Sandy Ang sa...

What an absolutely amazing project your bench and lamppost. I'm just speechless with awe !