fredag 22 april 2011

Upcycled ribbon spool and thank you-card

I had this old wooden spool, that had ribbon on it when I bought it, in my stash, and I thought why not turn it into a candle holder? So I did. I used some really cute papers from Primas Reflections line, and some wire to form a candle ring, which I then decorated with some cut-out butterfly, pieces of lace and baubles.
All the supplies are from Prima, and can be bought at Scraplagret.

I've also made a very simple little card with the same line.

Otherwise, things are really moving along at the farm. The kitchen is DONE (huge sigh of relief, it turned out pretty OK, will show you photos later), along with the bedroom and dining room. The hall is almost ready, and yesterday, I ripped out a dark red, smelly and incredibly dusty carpet from the living room, and thus, that room is on the way too. And then there is upstairs left. But maybe, just maybe we will be able to move in before this year ends, at least. There's just so much to do, and so little time. And still no prospect of a scrapstudio of my own, there just isn't enough room in the house, and converting one of the outhouses...well, that's just too big a project to land.

Anyway, today I'm going to forget all about renovations fo a while, attend a birthday party, and spend the evening cropping with friends and getting busy with my next DT-kit from Scraplagret.

2 kommentarer:

AnnaB sa...

Suuuupersnygg ljusstake...!!!! Ha en mysig påsk...!

Anonym sa...

Hej tjejen!

Otroligt vad du har utvecklats & skapat så vansinnigt mycket vackra alster! WOW, jag är så imponerad tjejen! ;)

Kika gärna förbi hos mig & lämna ett litet spår. Skulle vara roligt att höra hur det är med dig. Sen undrar jag om du vill stå med i min RAK-bok? Jag samlar adresser så jag kan skicka något roligt då inte mottagaren vet om det. Det ska ju liksom vara lite överraskning oxå, hehe! ;)

Ha en bra dag, kramar Ulrica