lördag 24 september 2011

Saturday night blogging

Good evening, world. It's Saturday night and I'm sitting at my beloved farmhouse watching the fire in the stove. P is at the movies with a couple of friends and I just got back from the neighbours, where the kids and I have spent the evening. Now, the kids are in bed, and what better thing to do than updating the blog while the fire burns down.
I'm on my job computer, so I don't have access to my photos, but I can show you a few cards that I've made for Scraplagret, using one of my favs lately - Victoria Gardens from Echo Park. This collection is absolutely adorable, and the colors are fabulous. Echo Park has made a whole bunch of lovely collections lately, and it has become one of my favourite brands.
The sentiment of this last card really got to me when I read it. "When you stop and look around, life is pretty amazing." Isn't that just so true? We tend to always move ahead, and set up higher and higher goals for ourselves and those around us. We really need to slow down, and see what we have right now, and that's pretty amazing, for sure. Myself, I have my family, my two precious children who give me so much joy every day. I have a university degree, a job that I love, and a hobby that allows me to be creative and meet amazing people. I have friends that I like having around, and I know which ones I can rely upon. I'm strong enough to keep out of all drama going around everywhere, not letting malicious people get to me, and I'm confident in who I am and what I do. I have, not one, but at the moment two, pretty amazing homes, one of which is the place I've always wanted, in a pretty amazing area. I have the financial means to give my children everything they need. Moreover, I have a fantastic journey overseas to look forward to. So yeah, life is pretty darn amazing, I'd say.
There's only embers left in the stove now, and I guess it's time for me to go to bed. Have the best of Sundays, dear blog readers.

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Gitte sa...

Beautilful and bright cards

Beatemor sa...

Flotte kort. Jeg likte veldig godt fargene på det første kortet :-)

Anonym sa...

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