måndag 2 februari 2009

Really girly stuff...

This little mini is something I had so much fun making. Just imagine, digging into all this lace and all these pink goodies... Not to mention all the glittery stuff. I've used a lot of the new stuff from Creative Café here. I totally love their spirit line, and I'm so happy they have added some new stuff.
You remember the fairy pictures, huh? This is what I dressed poor Agnes up for. Well, poor perhaps isn't the right word. She loves to dress up, so she was really happy the whole time.
I've used a really cute poem about how children see things differently than us adults, and about their wonderful imagination.

And once again, it seems as if blogger ate one of my photos... But if you want to see it, and what the rest of the design team has come up with this month, just pop in to Zutter Zisters to check out the galleries! Myself, I'm going to get started on next month's projects. I have this crazy idea (as usual), and I can't wait to see if I can realize it.
Have a great week, all of you :o)

8 kommentarer:

TxScrapAddict sa...

Beautiful! Crazy Ideas are the BEST!!!!!!

voodoo vixen sa...

That is absolutely stunning - a perfect album for your fairy princess!

Jennifer Priest sa...

OMG this is gorgeous. WOW--I love all the details and how chunky and embellished the book is -- phenomenal!

Katrin sa...

Vad fiiiint du gör!! Jag blir hemskt nyfiken på dikten i albumet. Vill du dela med dig?

Jozebelle sa...

Hello Jeja

I have linked to this blog on Lifetime Moments Messageboard, cause there was a "girl" wondered what we had done with it, so as i said I wrote this blog as an inpsiring thing what You can do cause i like your things very much!

Hugs Ann-Marie

Anki sa...

DU är som vanligt oerhört Kreativ och gör de helt underbaraste alsterna jag någonsin sett Jeja!

Vill du åka med skånebussen till Scrapmässan i Göteborg?
Info finns här :)


Kram Anki

Sanna F sa...

Super sött!!!

Dilorf sa...

Helt Underbar Vännen!!