söndag 22 februari 2009

Scrappiz' Cybercrop

I got two more layouts and one more card made for the CC at Scrappiz. I know I could have made a lot more, but there are always other things that have to be made. I'm not sure I' m too happy about any of these. I don't know, they aren't embellished as much as I usually make them.

This one has really cute photos at least. It's Albin and his adorable little girlfriend who have fallen asleep on the couch. Cozy, huh?
And the next one... well, there's a story behind this photo. We had friends over, and the kids were outside playing in the snow so that their poor mothers could be able to do some scrapping. Suddenly, my friend's little three-year-old comes running and tells me that I must grab my camera and come out and take some pictures. And this is what I was supposed to take pictures of, Albin, sitting as high up in an apple tree as possible. When I got him down from there, I asked what the was thinking, climbing so high. He said: "But mom, I just wanted you to get a couple of good photos to scrap!" Yeah, I sure did get a decent photo, and a good scare too. *LOL*
Yeah, and a card. A little bit different than I normally make them. Don't know if I like it...
Today I was at a local crop here at home, and I actually got four layouts made! Well, two of them aren't complete, because there's always some things you didn't know you needed to bring, right? But I'll try to finish them in a couple of days and blog them when I can.
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Tesa sa...

Vad mycket fint du har skapat! Kram

Addis och Leif sa...

Den andra LOn, med äppelträdet, är jättefin!


Mette sa...

WOW så mycket fint! Allt du gör blir ju bara helt underbart! :)

Cattis sa...

Snyggt! =)