söndag 21 februari 2010

This is why I love Basic Grey!

1. The patterns in a collection are many, matching and gorgeous.
2. The embellishments that go with a collection are many, and in many different styles.
3. There is always more than one type of coordinating alphas.
4. They come up with new stuff all the time.
5. They aren't afraid of combining colors that you normally wouldn't think of combining yourself...
And I had almost forgot how much I actually love Basic Grey! Until I got the February kit from the Nook, that is. I ripped it open and got lost in this yellow-green-brown-black whimsical hodgepodge. The thing is, all the pieces of every one of these layous fell together by themselves. I just leaned back and enjoyed the ride. Yes, I really do love Basic Grey :)

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Zarah sa...


Wildärtan sa...

Och Basic grey måste älska dig oxå, för inte många skulle väl ihop det där så där snyggt och coolt som du!

LG sa...

Everything that you do is so lovely! Love the way you design your pages. So unique but the style is still so you

Lillsnörpa sa...

vad DUKTIG du är!!!

Scrap by Heart sa...

Det var välldigt snygga papper men jag tror inte LO:sarna skapade sig själv. Jag tror att det var en mycket duktig och estetiskt kunnig kvinna som gjorde dem. :-)
Ha en bra dag!