söndag 7 februari 2010

Persistence really does pay off!!!

Yesterday evening, I got a phonecall. It was THE phonecall, the one I knew 25 people all over the world were waiting for. And I was one of the 7 lucky people who got it! It was Leah who called to let me know that I got a spot on the designteam at My Scrapbook Nook! And she is just as sweet in person as she is online. It was so fun chatting with you, Leah!

Those of you who read my blog every now and then probably know that I LOVE the Nook kits, and that I LOVE the Nook messageboard and all the wonderful people that are on it. So this is HUGE for me. I have been applying at least 4 times now, and finally, it was my turn to get on. So persistence really pays off.

I feel so lucky right now, to be a part of the amazing design team Leah put together, and I very much look forward to working with all of these amazingly talented ladies:

Amy Coose
Becky Williams
Camilla Ekman
Celeste Smith
Lady Grace Belarmino
Leah Killian
Lori Mancini
Nicole Martel
Stacey Michaud
Susan Lui
Tanya Tahir
Trish Harwick
Zarah S Peterson

I'm going to end this post with showing you a layout made with the January kit from the Nook, with photos of my gorgeous daughter from a photoshoot we did last summer. Even that I love the winter that is right now, and all the snow, I can't help longing for summer, when the light is perfect for taking these kinds of photos.

12 kommentarer:

MiaS sa...

Grattis till ditt nya uppdrag!

Cath. sa...

Å, STORT grattis! Och ljuvlig LO som vanligt! Kramar!

Helén sa...

Grattis!!! Leah har gjort ett mycket bra val och jag ser fram emot att se vad du kommer att skapa! Vad roligt att hon ringde upp, det hör nog till ovanligheterna tror jag?!

Zarah sa...

Välkommen till vårt lilla team, stumpan! Ska bli gôrkul att jobba ihop med dig, äntligeeen! :D

AnnaB sa...

Stort grattis...! Härligt...!

Rach H sa...

Congrats! I'm so glad you finally made the DT!

Annelie Maddock sa...

Grattis! Mycket välförtjänat! Du är en av de mest inspirerande människor jag vet!

pysselpetra sa...

Stort Grattis, jag visste att du skulle ta en plats förr eller senare - älskar det du skapar!

Stor gram - vi ses på the Nook

pysselpetra sa...

oups gram skulle så klart vara kram *fniss*

Tanya Tahir sa...

Congrats congrats Jenny!!!! I am so glad that you made the team and I still can't believe that I made it too! It's going to be fun working with you over the next six months :D

Sue sa...

Congrats Jenny! I'm looking forward to our term together. :)

Catrin sa...

Hej.... Du gör sååå sjukt fina saker ;)

Kram, ses på onsdag !