tisdag 28 juni 2011

Maja Design Lantliv

Lantliv is Swedish for country life, and that sure does suit me well at the moment! Our farmhose is slowly getting the way we want it to be, and we are starting to spend more and more time there. We aren't going to move out for quite some time, because there is an issue with the heating that must be dealt with first, but now, in the summer, it's perfectly fine to stay there over the weekend, or for a couple of days every now and then. We have only a few more rooms to finish up indoors, and now I'm going to spend some time renovating the windows. They are the only thing left of the hideous 70's renovation that still aren't dealt with, and they are still brown on the inside, but I'm going to paint them all white, and that will take me quite some time, I guess.

Sometimes people ask me what on earth we are thinking, moving into this tiny little house, with its tiny little rooms and low ceilings, when we are living in a good-sized, airy, modern, and very functional house as it is. I get the feeling some people even think we are a bit crazy. Maybe we are, but for me, moving into this house is really like getting back to my roots a little bit. I grew up in a house on the countryside, not entirely unlike this one. I was used to having privacy, minding my own business, and having fields and meadows around me. Living the way we are now and have been for so many years, cramped up between all these other houses, knowing that people around us mind how we mow our lawn, cut our hedge, and tend to our business is slowly eating me alive. That's not me, that's not how I want it to be. That's why I'm leaving it behind. And there's no feeling quite like the one you get walking across a field, or in the woods, knowing that the land you walk on is yours and you are free to do whatever you like with it.

So, the farmhouse it is. OK, it is quite small, and the ceilings are really low, but that doesn't matter when you open the front door and the sky is so high, and there are fields, meadows and woods all around. So what if the house is small? We are adding to it in a few year, when the sloped ceilings upstairs are becoming too low for our growing children. Until then, we'll be fine.

Tha collection Lantliv, or Live in the Country, from Maja Design couldn't have been more perfect for a layout about our farmhouse, now our summer paradise, but in a not too distant future, our all-year-around-paradise.
I've also used it for a layout about strawberries (yummy!)

All the supplies for these two layouts can be found at Scraplagret.

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