söndag 13 november 2011

Christmas is closing in on us

And it's moving fast... I've no idea if I'm going to have time to make enough Christmas cards to send out to people this year, or if I will have to do like last year, and buy some. Anyway, this is a little box I altered using papers from the wonderful Christmas collection The Day Before from Riddersholm Design. I LOVE this collecrion.
In the little bubble on top of the lid, I have decorated with miniature Christmas trees, also made from patterned paper, and a whole lot of glitter.
So, that's it for today. We're preparing for a new school/work week, if my daughter is feeling OK tomorrow morning, that is. She has a sore throat and she is coughing a little, poor girl, but hopefully she will feel a lot better in the morning.

Happy Sunday night, everyone! I will be spending it in front of the TV watching the True Talent final (Exciting, that one) and folding sheet music stars for the Christmas tree.

4 kommentarer:

ulrika sa...

Supersöt ask! Det var nog de gulligaste små granar jag nånsin sett ... finfint! :)

Ulle sa...

Vilken otroligt fin och välarbetad ask!

Scrap by Heart sa...

Snygg ask! Och albumet...jag blev alldeles stum...det är såå vackert!

enikodelisle sa...

I don't know where you found that bubble, but it's genius!