fredag 18 november 2011

A Christmas tag

Good evening, everyone!

Thank heavens it's Friday, at last. I've had a busy, a bit scary, but great week at work, with a really bad cold, a concert that I had to get out of because it was too loud to my infected ears, a parent-teacher conference after hours, a day in Kristianstad at the course in entrepreneurial teaching I'm taking (totally fun, but I got home way later than usual). Add an almost non-existing voice in trying to make oneself heard in a classroom with twenty-or-so teenagers, and some sleep deprivation to that ("someone" snoring, kids running around at night making noise and not putting out lamps after them etc) and there you have me now, Friday night, ready to tip over on the couch. Exhausted. Wishing the day had more hours. Wishing the weekend had more days, for that matter. And wishing my head didn't feel like it was about to burst. And the scary part of the week - let's not even go there.

Still, I'm trying to work up the energy (chocolate works, at least for a while) to write a short post here on the blog today, showing you a little Christmas tag I made last week, with supplies from Scraplagret.
The papers are Graphic 45 Christmas Emporium (yeah, I know, the first G45 stuff posted here in ages... I still love G45 to bits, I just haven't had the courage to work with their stuff since I failed so miserably in trying to get on their DT for a second round)
Here's the back of the tag. See that snowflake? I got that punch in my DT kit from Scraplagret, and I LOVE it! You can connect the snowflakes into garlands, but I think they are adorable using like this too, one at a time.

There. Now I'm off to fix something to eat. The kids ordered tacos tonight, so that's what we're getting. Spicy enough for me to feel the taste!

Happy Friday, everyone!

3 kommentarer:

Ulle sa...

Så otroligt fin!

danni reid sa...

love, love, love it, gorgeous♥

enikodelisle sa...

The tag is FABULOUS! You definitely should have been picked for G45, but I'm glad your forgiving nature has won out...their products are quite wonderful. I want some of those snowflakes! So cute!