torsdag 15 december 2011

A great day!

Today is a great day. Not only did I have the best of days at work, I've also got some alone time at home, and finally managed to catch up on some photo editing and design team blogging. I still have a pretty hard time with photography, because it's so darn dark all the time! For these photos I've used my external flash, and bounced it against the ceiling. It will have to make do, but I can't wait for brighter times to come. Or, I might just need to get a lightbox of some sort.

Anyway, like I said, it's been a great day at work. I've finished up my grading, and we've wrapped up the courses for this term. Now there is a week of fun stuff ahead, and next Thursday, it's time for a well deserved Christmas break, part of which I will use to scrap, because I've deserved that :)

Speaking of Christmas, here's a few things I've made with my last DT-kit from Scraplagret. First of all, I made a few ornaments from old wooden spools.

 And here's a Christmas card.
And now I'm so done blogging for one day! I'm going to dive into my paper piles again and do something creative.

Have a great evening, and a fabulous weekend.

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Ulle sa...

Spolarna har verkligen blivit kanonläckra dekorationer!