fredag 6 januari 2012

The M-house

Today I'd like to share a little house in the shape of an M that I made a few weeks ago.
It's full of teddybear pirates, and wouldn't it be a blast if one could build a house like this in full size for the kids?
Here's a little pirate on the lookout. I got these little teddybears from KiAs butik. Aren't they the cutest?
 Here's another one, on the swing.
That's all I wanted to share today.

The sun is shining, for the first time this year... I really would like to take the opportunity to spend the day outdoors, but I have a mountain of laundry to deal with before I can do that. No fun

Have a great day, everyone!

5 kommentarer:

pysselpetra sa...

Fantastisk ide
Har 3 stora bokstäver som jag funderat på vad jag ska göra med, kanske 3 hus

Alex sa...

Nä-ä, alltså... jag fattar inte hur du gör! Helt galet! Snyggt alltså :-)

Beth sa...

So Very Very Cute. I love it.

Emelie :) sa...

Jättefint! :) Har du gjort bokstaven själv efter en mall, eller är det en färdig bokstav du har altrat? :D

Muffin sa...

WOOOW!! Helt galet fint!