måndag 9 januari 2012

Mini book in a box

Today, I've got a  mini book in a box to show you. I made this for Scraplagret, with wonderful papers from Pion Design.
This adorable box is from Graphic 45 (♥), and I immediately associated the shape of the lid with a door. So welcome in!
Inside, there's an accordion album with pictures from our ongoing renovation of the farmhouse.

As you can see, there are quite a few before - photos, and not so many after-photos. We're not quite there yet.

Today, we started working again after a couple of lovely holiday weeks. It felt really great to be back again, and it will be even greater tomorrow, when the students show up. I look forward to that a lot! However, I sure am tired tonight, so I'll leave you with that and go put the kids to bed.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Ulle sa...

Så läckert!

Chris_P sa...


Emelie :) sa...


Jag har fått en award på min blogg och nu ska jag dela med mig av den till 7 stycken, du är en av dom! :)


enikodelisle sa...

This is such a lovely idea! Beautiful job!