måndag 18 juni 2012

Things I didn't know I could do.

I'm attending an event about learning right now in Ronneby, and it has been a very interesting experience so far. I have learnt quite a few things about myself, actually. Did you know that I could balance a peacock feather on my foot? I didn't think that was even remotely possible, how could I, clumpsy as I am, but believe it or not, I could. How about walking a tightrope? I could do that too, at least a few steps. I could actually do, what I used to believe was, pretty advanced acrobatics. Eventually, you will see. I got a photo of me doing these "advanced" acrobatics, and it will definitely end up on a layout.

Last week it was graduation time, and my beautiful class, 9B, left us for good. Graduation is such a bittersweet time. You are happy for the kids and their achievements, and you are happy to see them go into the future, but still, you're sad knowing that you will never meet some of them ever again. They have touched my heart, every one of them, all in their little ways, and some classes are harder to let go of than others. We've had so much fun together over the years, and we had TONS of fun when we went on a trip to Åland together two weeks ago, and that made it even harder to say goodbye. The wonderful kids in my 9B will be forever in my heart, and more than a few tears were shed on graduation day.

9B deserved a place in my scrapbook albums, and this photo was taken on the night before graduation day, at the school's annual graduation party:
I got these extremely cute berry twigs from Landstoken in my hands the other day, and I really wanted to use them as a frame around the photo. It turned out pretty cute, huh?
All the supplies for this layout, except for the big Prima flower, are from Kia's Butik.

So, I'm off to bed to get my beauty sleep (as if that would help...) Only three more days to go, and then my summer holiday begins. I can't wait!

Have a great week, everyone!

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