onsdag 12 september 2012

My first art journal page!

Yes, I did check my temperature. No, it's not too high. I just remembered how fun it is to write on this blog.

OK, so a while ago, I was brave enough to share my first art journal page at Scraplagret's blog. And now I think I'm brave enough to share it here too. My art journal is in fact an old school anthology, which had been outdated and was about to being thrown away. I rescued it, because the paper in it was fairly thick and sturdy, and I thought the bookprint pages would make a great background to my art journaling attempts. So, to make it even more sturdy, I glued the pages together in pairs, and I also removed a few pages to prevent the book from getting too thick. I will glue and remove even more pages later, as I hopefully fill the book up with paint and other pretty stuff.

I then primed the pages with white acrylic paint, and got down to business with masks, mists, ink, pens, glue and even more white acrylic. This is how it turned out:
Have a nice day, everyone, and happy crafting!


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