lördag 29 september 2012


Hello, world!

What are you all up to this amazing Saturday? Myself, I'm listening to fab music from David Guetta, and looking out my widow on all the fabulous fall colors that are taking over the world, while preparing for Inzpiramässan tomorrow, the scrapbooking fair in Helsingborg, where I will participate in KiAs Butik's booth. We'll be off in the middle of the night, and so... uh... coffee will probably be a necessity all through the day.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a layout I did just because. And I haven't made a layout just because in... like... forever. Just DT stuff and such things. However, the other day it happened. I got into business with linen fabric, dictionary pages, washi tape, acrylic paint , kraft paper and whatnot.
This girl has turned six, and she's now a big schoolgirl, and suddenly she has developed quite a lot of attitude. Although, I really love that she has, because I know she will be able to fend for herself in situations where we can't be there for her, and that's a comfort.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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