onsdag 3 oktober 2012

Back on track!

I feel like I'm sorta back on track with the blog, and with scrapbooking again. I've had other priorities for some time, and I still have to put other things first, but to be honest, in the situation I am right now, with work, school, the kids' activities and homework and all other things spinning around in my head, I need to find moments where I can drop all of that and just create. It's such a relief for the soul to let everything go, if only for an hour every now and then, and just get busy with pretty papers, paint, gesso etc. Yesterday, I used that hour to make a family command centre from a thrifted frame, with days and times for all of the kids activities and homework, and room for all the papers they constantly bring home from school.

A while back, I created this layout for KiAs Butik, and the girl on the photo is her pretty niece Ida. As usual, nowadays, I've been working with paint and mists, and tried to create a lot of texture.
How do you like the display? It's my lovely thrift store find from a couple of weeks ago, the old Halda typewriter I bought for next to nothing, and that turned out to actually be working! I would have loved it anyway, and used it for displaying layouts and cards, but then it turned out to be useful for its original purpose as well.
Here's a little closeup of the layers in this layout.

Speaking of KiAs Butik, we had a simply amazing Sunday at the scrap fair in Helsingborg - crazy, yes, but also amazing. I love being out there, seeing what's new and meeting other people in the industry. Also, I ran into the two amazing Nookers Zarah and Petra, who turned out to be just as sweet in real life as they have always been online.

And this is how we packed up the store after the fair... It took a while, and I was absolutely wasted by the time I got home, but you can tell that Kristin, the owner of KiA's Butik, and I are pro-shoppers, right? Our cars usually look like this when we have been to the Swedish shop-till-you-drop paradise Ullared.
Anyway, it was a great day, and really worth the effort.

Have a nice wednesday, everyone!

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