torsdag 27 december 2012

Cybercrop at Mollys

It's December, Christmas has passed, we're on a break, and FINALLY I feel like I have a few moments to spare for scrapbooking! So I scrap, and lucky for me, there are two cybercrops going on in this country of mine at the same time. That's very good for the mojo.

First up, I'd like to show you a thing I made for a challenge at Mollys Scrapbooking. It's an altered matchbox, with texture-paste snow and mini-mini bookpage trees.
So, what do you think of pink as a Christmas color? It has been sneaking itself into my home these past couple of years, for instance in the shape of this pinkish Lisbeth Dahl ornament that I bought in Denmark last year. I used pink letter stickers and mini rhinestones for my altered matchbox, so it would fit into this new color scheme for Christmas.
Here's a clseup of the smallest tree. It's only an inch high, and made from a few pages from an old dictionary.

I've finished a few more challenges for both crops already, and I hope to be able to blog them all over the next few days, along with a couple of DT-assignments, but I do have to fight the rest of the family for access to the one laptop where I'm able to upload and process my photos, and since they are three to one, I don't get lucky that often.

See ya!

3 kommentarer:

Maja Stokk / eyovine sa...

WOW!!! så läckert! Aldrig tänkt på att altra en tändsticksask så på höjden.

Jonna sa...

Så häftig! Säger som Maja, det har liksom aldrig slagit mig att man kan bygga på den höjden. Snyggt!

Pysselfröken sa...

Wow vilken superläcker ask! Älskar färgerna och dekorationerna. Tusen tack för att du är med och tävlar hos Mollys!