torsdag 27 december 2012


That's exactly what I thought when this happened... I was sitting there, photographing the Christmas tree, when suddenly this madman jumped in front of it. I kept snapping, forgot all about it, and then later, when I flipped through the photos in the computer, and I came across the Christmas tree/madman sequence, I almost said it out loud. WTF? So of course, that had to be the title of this layout.
The layout is based on a sketch from the cybercrop at Mollys Scrapbooking, the madman happens to be my brother-in-law, and the papers are my absolutely last scraps of MME's All is Bright line.

2 kommentarer:

Ami sa...

Vilken härlig layout! Jag gillar den massor. Serien med foton var för härlig. :)

Maja Stokk / eyovine sa...

Hihi vilken kul layout =)