torsdag 14 februari 2013


We're so lucky to have our little farm. It's amazing in the summer, with the rolling green hills, the creek, the woods and the sea so close. Not to mention the wildlife - the buzzards hovering over the fields, the fox slipping away through a gap in the bushes, the nightingale singing its heart out at dusk, and the roe deer grazing gently outside the kitchen window. The farm is also truly amazing in the winter, with the perfect slope for sledding just outside the front door, and the cozy fireplace ready for warming you up afterwards. It's not always snow where we live, but we've had our fair share of it this winter.

There is also a field nearby, belonging to a neighbor, which almost always gets flooded in the autumn, and when it freezes, it's perfect for skating. We went skating there a couple of weeks ago. The weather was perfect, and I snapped quite a few shots of the kids and the girls next door. We looked for animal tracks in the snow, and we found tracks from both fox, deer and several birds. We also found some very mysterious tracks, which turned out to be from a Saab...

What's so great about that field  is that you can be out in the nature, skating, and not having to worry about falling in. There's no water underneath, just a meadow.

I made this layout from the February sketch from Lillblomman. I tried to stay true to the sketch, but I think I strayed pretty far away from it in the end.I hope some elements are still discernable, like the tag (which in this case became three...), and the placement of the lace and the flowers.
This is, like, the first layout I've made in ages completely without patterned papers. I went a bit crazy with my Sprinklers on the background, and there was no room for papers once I started putting it together. Most of the supplies are from my second prize from last moth's sketch at the same site. I got this most adorable little package from sweet Ulrika the other day, whith some lovely doilies, flowers, lace, and other goodies. I just had to use some of it right away. Thank you so, so much, Ulrika! I loved it!

Ok, well, I think I had better go blow my nose and head back to the couch to get some rest. Sinusitis really sucks, don't you think?

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

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LillBlomman sa...

Åhhh du skriver så bra att jag kan verkligen se framför mig hur det är att bo hos er! Vad roligt att du gillade det lilla kitet :) Helt fantastisk layout och så skoj att du skapat bakgrunden själv! Färg glädje! Kramar!