söndag 3 februari 2013

Scrappy 2013

OMG, January just flew by, and I've been way too busy to update the blog for a couple of weeks! But tonight I just have to share a calendar I made for a challenge at Svensk Scrapbooking's New Years Crop.
It's just an ordinary notebook that I've decorated a little bit to use for writing down calls, challenges and crops I'd like to take part in. I see them on the web, and I decide to participate and maybe I even scribble something down on a piece of paper, which sorta disappears in the mess in my studio. Most often I forget all about it, and when I finally remember, or find that note again, it's way past the deadline... Well, no more, because now I have this little book to help me remember!

Eh... to be honest... I'm not sure where I have the book right now, but it's somewhere here in this mess... Well, that's who I am ;)

Have a nice Sunday, everyone!

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Anna sa...

Great idea to keep all your idea in one place! You might like to go and look at the Studio challenge blog for some happy news! :)