fredag 18 januari 2013

The princess

We're still chillin' today. Little man is still a bit tired after being sick, although he's pretty OK now.  Luckily, noone else has caught the bug so far, but we're not in the clear just yet. So, please keep your fingers crossed for us.

I have a layout for you today, also this one with a background made from stamping in wet texture paste. I have a marvellous set of stamps from Unity Stamps, with ledgers, letters and phrases, and they turned out to be just about perfect for this purpose. I've been misting away on this one too, using different blue and green shades of glimmer mist, and I've also used some acrylic paint to create the blue dots.
I've made this layout after a sketch from Lillblomman (she has the most fabulous sketches, that girl!) The motif is of course my little princess Agnes, when she still had long hair that we could curl. She cut it all off a couple of weeks ago (no point in trying to persuade her not to, when she had put her mind into it), and even though I miss her long hair I think she looks fabulous in her new short bob.
Here are a couple of close-ups. Above, I have used a piece of a fiber glass stripe, you know the ones you put in between the plaster boards to prevent cracks after you have filled and painted the walls. Oh, having an ongoing renovation at the other house sure comes in handy when looking for new ways to create interest and texture on scrapbook pages.
Here you can see how the stamp works with the texture paste. The effect really doesn't show until you have misted the page, but I really love how it turns out, and i'm sure this is a technique I will be using a lot in the future.

Have a nice Friday, and a nice weekend everyone!

3 kommentarer:

LillBlomman sa...

Men du! Så otroligt snyggt! Genomarbetat, massor av snygga detaljer, en sida man vill titta läääänge på! Önskar att jag fick se den live! Och tack för dina ord om mina skisser, blir jätteglad :) Tack för att du ville vara med! Kramar!

Maja Stokk / eyovine sa...

fantastisk tolkning av skissen och en så härlig grungig sida. Säger som Ullis , denna skulle jag vilja se irl.

ulrika sa...

Störtläckert! Vilka färger! Tack för den inspirationen, ska nog ta mig ann denna skissen jag också! :)