lördag 5 januari 2013

Two gorgeous boys!

Here's a short post for you today, while I'm waiting for the gesso to dry on my latest project, featuring a couple of layouts I made for the ongoing cybercrop at Svensk Scrapbooking. The first one is for the sketch challenge, and it's my amazing Albin times three. I can't tell you just how blessed I am to have this one-of-a-kind smart, kind, empathic and generous little person for my son. I just adore him.
The next one is of the newest addition to our family - my super-cute little nephew Samuel, here cuddling with his sweet sister Nathalie. Isn't he adorable? Look at those dimples! ♥
OK, I think the gesso (trying out a new kind today, which I can tell already won't be a favourite, because it smells horribly) is dry enough for a second coat, so I had better get back to my little project again.

See ya!

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