torsdag 17 januari 2013


Today is a day for chillin'. My little man has caught a stomach bug, and even though he's through being sick (i hope) we still have to stay at home. So, we're just chillin' with the telly, the iPad and the computer. Oh, well, I'm all over the house as usual, picking up something here, wiping off something there, putting away stuff and all those other little things that mothers do. Once in a while, I pause by an ongoing art project, and once in a while, I'm by the computer printing photos, checking my emails or, like right now, updating the blog.

This little lady was also chillin' on New Year's Eve, in her very best dress (all satin, tulle and glitter, you know), and, as most of the photos I snap of her, this photo ended up on a layout. I went for a vintage feel this time, although I see myself straying away from that more and more, and I used an amazing technique I caught from one of the Creative Jump Start Summit 2013 videos.
I have used texture paste and stamps to create my background, plus a fair amount of gesso and glimmer mist. I really love clustering embellishments and knick-knack together on my layouts, and I love that I can make them blend in, whatever color they were from the beginning. This is such a great way of getting rid of what you have got lying around and never use.
The pretty papers are from Riddersholm Design, and the background stamps are from You-Do.