tisdag 15 januari 2013

In a hurry!


Here's just a short post for you today, with a layout I've made using up the very last scraps of one of my favourite Riddersholm Design lines - Huntington Garden.

Now I'm going to hit the sack. I haven't been sleeping a whole lot these last couple of nights - Monday becase I couldn't seem to put away the book I got my hands on, and last night because P was out and about on adventures with the big red fireengine... I never can sleep decently until he's safe back at home on those occasions.So I'm pretty exhausted tonight, and my pillow is calling my name right now, and I can't ignore it for much longer.

Good night, everyone!

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pysselpetra sa...

ÄLSKAR verkligen den här layouten ♥ fantastiskt fångande och grymt snygg ♥