tisdag 4 februari 2014

SST round #1 ATC

I don't think I've ever made an ATC before. Never. But since the card challenge of the first round of the Supreme Scrap Tournament was to make an ATC I kinda had to... So, here it is.
Oh, gosh, it was awfully difficult to squeeze in all that I wanted on that tiny little card, and still be true to me and my style (I've actually been going BIGGER in the card departement lately, since I like to add some white space to my cards, but how on earth would you make an ATC with white space?) So, well, no, I didn't get hooked, and I will most likely never make an ATC again, unless I have to. I have no illusions of moving on in the card contest. This just wasn't my thing.

Home is where the ocean is, it says. Well, I have, for most parts of my life, lived close to the Baltic Sea. The smell of salt and rotting seaweed is a very homely smell to me, and that is part of the reason to why my family and I decided to settle near the sea again, and buy our beloved farm. On a very quiet night, you can hear the waves from afar.

Last summer, I rented a small cottage just by the beach, with some friends and our children. We stayed for one week, and falling asleep to the sound of the sea every night was amazing. I dream of the possibillity to build myself a little beach shack on the part of our property that is right on the coast, or at least get myself a tiny little camper to park out there since getting planning permissiong that close to the coastline is virtually impossible, and stay over occasionally, just to be able to fall asleep to the sound of the waves. So, home has always been where the ocean is for me.

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elina sa...

great theme!!!!!! great colors and great layering!!!!