måndag 17 november 2008

Early visit from Santa

Yes, it must have been Santa who rang the doorbell an hour ago... But he was disguised as a postman and he was driving a big yellow truck. Anyway, this is what he brought me:

Just look at all this stuff! Just for me! I'm going to have so much fun with this, I'll tell you that! And here's the Pink Lady in all her spendour, and with all her little pink friends.
And I'm not the only one who got excited about this delivery... Agnes was really happy about a new box to hide in, and Albin was happy about the bubble wrap with biiig bubbles he found in there.
Now we're going out in the garden. Agnes is ill, so the kids and I are at home today. She is feeling a little better now, though, and the weather is lovely, so we are going to get some fresh air. And then I might consider trying out the Cover alls tonigh, I'm so curious about those!

6 kommentarer:

AnnaB sa...

Oooooo vilket skoj paket...!!! Ha så roligt...! :)

Cina99 sa...

Wow, så mycket godis på en gång!!! En rosa BIA får nog hamna på min önskelista ;)

rebecka/bleckvard sa...

Meeen shit vilka saker du fick ;o helt otroligt :D typ mer än vad jag äger sammanlagt x)

Sofia sa...

Wow, vilket paket!!! Så himla härligt! :D Ha det så skoj med allt! :) Längtar efter att få se allt fint du skapar med din fina, rosa, BIA.

TxScrapAddict sa...

Glad that package finally arrived! Is there anything more fun for kids than bubble wrap and a big box!!!????

Scrappy Nan sa...

ok, that is so cute...the kids in the box! and i am so glad it finally arrived!