söndag 30 november 2008

It's Advent!!!

It's the first of advent. Finally! It is the day when November darknes has to give in to bright, cozy December, and all the lit windows light up the dark world outside. The kids and I have spent the day baking gingerbread and saffron bread, and we have started decorating the house a little bit for Christmas. I love this time of the year! I just wish I had more time to be creative now, but as we're closing in on the end of the term, things are very busy at work too right now.

Here's one of the corners of our hall earlier this evening. Please ignore the tangled cords under the table, you have to keep phones and stuff somewhere, unfortunately... I bought the lantern at a sale last week, and I love it! I chose between this one and a shabby white one, but now I'm really happy I decided on this one. I painted the canvases a couple of years ago, and on the white one there is a message to Santa. that the children in this house have been good, and deserve their presents.

And here's the first candle lit. I've used Grungeboard numbers, which I've painted with silver Maya Mist, and then attached them with some black metal cord wrapped around the candle. Easy peasy, and cute.

And now it's time to start using this one, a little Christmas recipe book I've made as one of this month's projects with my Bind-It-All. I've used these beautiful Maja Design papers, so perfect for a project like this!

This book has dividers to separate different kinds of recipes from one another. I'm having one for candy, one for cookies and cakes and then the rest for different kinds of Christmas-related food. I've just started filling it out, and there's lots of papers to write on (cheap, white paper for the printer) Here's one of my favourite recipes. I've planned to add photos later on.

So, Happy first of Advent, dear blog readers!

6 kommentarer:

eldh sa...

Vilka fina adventssaker du skapat! /Elin

TxScrapAddict sa...

Beautiful decor! Love the recipe book!!

Lisbet sa...


Ahh adventsstakarna - hur läckra är inte de,,,wow..
Fint receptalbum - ska också fundera på ett. Skitsnyggt.

Återgälda gärna besöket för nu har jag till sist lagt in i båda bloggarna:


och min egen;


voodoo vixen sa...

Love your corner with the table and light, wish I could find one of those!

Your recipe book is gorgeous and Christmassy!!

lenislenis sa...

Så mkt fint du gör! Den här receptboken gillar jag skarpt!
Men adventsstaken går inte av för hackor de heller :-)

Teres sa...

Galet snygg receptbok! Det måste verkligen vara inspirerande att kunna ha en sådan fin bok framme i köket.