söndag 2 november 2008

A few new layouts

There's a cybercrop over at Stella's, and I've been busy for sure. Still working on my last couple of things, but so far it's been four layouts and two cards done this weekend.

This layout is for a challenge to use black and white only, not so easy, since I really really felt like sneaking in just a tiny red or blue detail, but I managed to keep myself from doing that, and this is the result. The journaling spot is from this girl, who makes the most fabulous things that she GIVES AWAY at her blog. Thank's Mirabyll, you're an angel!
And she had made a journaling spot in purple as well... Perfect for DD's Halloween dress. I have to confess... I made the spiderweb cake, got Agnes the witch outfit and took this picture only to be able to make something out of these papers and the glitter thickers... The lengths you go to to get a really nice layout, huh? lol.
And here's my cutie when he was only one. I can't believe how time flies. I've used papers and stuff from the MM Paperie Mocha line here, and I'm in love! I can't stop using this stuff! This is just gorgeous. The trims are to die for, really. I've bought stuff from Poolside and Rouge too, and they're equally fab. I'm not really a fan of green, but I might just have to get the Greenhouse line too... My wallet doesn't seem really happy right now.

5 kommentarer:

TxScrapAddict sa...

Love those layouts!!

Mette sa...

Helt underbara alla tre! Din stil är så underbart inspirerande!

Mirabyll sa...

Men guuuuuud! Varför har jag inte varit här förut!!??!! Jag är så imponerad av allt snyggt du gör! Oj oj oj!

Visst var det en topencybercrop! Jag hade så himla kul och det blev 8 layouter totalt - jag har väl aldrig varit så produktiv i 12x12 ender en helg förut!

Jag är så glad att du gillar ruta 144! Jag använde den också på croppen och den är helt klart lättanvänd!

Ha en bra dag!
// Mirabyll

Colleen sa...

Wow! Found your layouts with a link from someone else's blog and I love your work!

annannadesign sa...

Snyggt! Älskar kombinationen brunt och blått/turkos!